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I have bought 4tickets from edreams in january. (ref 2tx4l4) on 11 april 2012 they gave me information about 4 hours changes in flight time, that I could not accept. I asked edreams for money refund. No answer, but automatic response. Since that time I have written 12 letters via all their e-mail adresses. No answer!!! No answer to calls!!! It seems they ignore me and do not want to refund money! In internet forums people say they cheat people but I did not believe... I am afraid this time this is about me...
Elena b

  • shalom pollack's Response, Aug 07, 2018

    I am very disappointed that I did not receive a refund or the option to reschedule.
    I had a serious health issue.
    Shalom Pollack

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  • Pa
      18th of Jun, 2012

    I booked a flight from Lisbon to Cali (Colombia) beginning January 2012, they declined my credit card twice, although there is enough credit on it, I received email from them, I had to do bank transfer, so I did. I wasn't able to see my credit card account slips until may because always traveling, my mom sends them to me and I see that edreams took 740, -Euro the first time they charged my card, this in addition to the bank transfer they asked me to do. Because it was more than 3 months ago my bank couldn't do anything for me, I wrote edreams several times claiming my money back, but they completely ignore my writings, although I send them prove of the 740, -Euro they charged my credit card with !!! The numbers they provide me with can't be called, not from Skype nor from my cell phone. I would appreciate any tip to get my money back, please avoid this company under all circumstances !!

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  • Je
      12th of Jul, 2012

    When I gave eDreams my credit card number they old me that it is not working, (nothing was wrong with my credit card) and
    to pay the trip through the bank, I rushed to the bank and sent the money.
    2 days later i asked if the electronic ticket was sent to my friend. The answer was: No, the ticket cost more money now. I said:
    what? You must be kidding! I sent the money of in time. I cancelled the booking immediately and then asked for my money back.
    eDreams claimed that my bank account number was not correct. My bank said; of course you got the right Swift and IBAN numbers!
    Twice my bank called me and told me that they don't want to pay the money back to me, almost 1000$...
    Reading the letters here in forum made me go nuts! It seemed that this company belongs to one of the most unserious
    Travel company in Internet.
    Then i started to fight. I called the police in Barcelona.They told me to go to my police here. I did that and the police man called eDreams. I kept calling eDreams 2 times a week and told them over and over and over, that i want my money back.
    I wrote a complaint here in the forum.
    And then last but not least i did what eDreams told me and opened up another bank account. Although there was nothing wrong with my other Bank account!!
    . My Bank said: Don't give them more Bank details, that is what they are after.
    I blocked my credit card number and told my Bank to keep an eye on it so the travel agency is not using my bank details.
    After about 7 weeks I finally got my money back, with the lost of 20$, a lot of sweating and a lot of wasted energy. and not to forget the telephone bills!
    I learnt that i will never book over Internet again.
    My advice, call the police in Barcelona, even if they don't want to help, at least they are getting aware that this agency is a fraud.
    The more people calling the more the police will hear about that.
    Don't hesitate to go to your police and tell them about your money!
    Fight for your rights. One day someone will investigate that travel agency!!
    What i would have done, if i would have not gotten the money? I would have called the press in Barcelona and I would have
    made it public what they are doing with the costumers.
    To all that still wait for the money! Keep on going and fighting!!!

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  • Sh
      13th of Aug, 2018
    eDreams - summer visit
    United States

    I am very disappointed that I did not receive a refund of the option to exercise my purchase at another date.
    I had a serious health issue.
    Shalom Pollack

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