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Edible Arrangements Franchise / franchise sales misrepresentation

1 Hamden, CT, United States Review updated:
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Do not buy this franchise!!! They are liars and manipulators!

We currently have 35 stores closed down due to corporate continuing to take more money from us all. Every franchisee worries that they will lose their stores due to corporate greed. They currently take 7% plus another 4% for tv advertising which they contribute nothing to. They put out coupons and do not refund the money back to the stores that accept them. They have now released new hours mandating we have to be open on sundays, however they allow jewish owned stores to be closed on saturday and muslim owned stores to be closed friday. Christian owned stores are told they have to be open on sunday... No exceptions will be made. This is religious discrimination!

Corporate does not care about their franchisees at all. Due to their greed and the franchisees concern for their investments 120 stores have entered into a lawsuit against them. These guys will stop at nothing to get you to invest in their concept and then shut you down so they can buy your store on the cheap and then resale it a 3 times what they paid for it. They will take your delivery areas away from you and give them to another store which is either a corporate owned store or the owner is related to the ceo.

Again, save your money!!! Find a franchise that cares about the owners that make it successful! As an owner you will work 60 plus hours and you will not be able to pull a check unless you get rid of all your staff. Sadly, you will tell corporate your problem and they will just blame it on your fruit expense and not on all the rebates they get for you purchasing your product through their supplier. Cost of goods has yet to go down over the past 5 years and we have added 700 stores. The reason why is due to them wanting to continue the rebate and not passing the savings down to the store owners.

Save your money, find another franchise, only buy from us and save yourself the headache of owing one.

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  • Di
      25th of Sep, 2010

    Yes, Edible Arrangements, International has transformed itself from a GREAT franchise to a HORRENDOUS and UNSCRUPULOUS franchise with which to be affiliate. Being a franchise used to be a pleasure. Now, it has become a NIGHTMARE. So unfortunate, because it is a fantastic product!

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  • Ju
      13th of Feb, 2011

    All of your statements are ENTIRELY ACCURATE. If anything, you have UNDERSTATED the issues. I am NOT a franchise owner, but I have been employed by both corporate and independently owned franchises for more than 4 years at a time each, and I have witnessed first hand the issues: Independently owned stores have been forced to cut staff DRASTICALLY and I have personally experienced one franchise owner, at the time my employer, who went as far as to cheat employees (including myself) out of worked hours, paying them LESS hours worked than actual time cards shown. The issue was fixed, but only after 3 years! THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE GREEDY CEO KEEPS LYING AND CHANGING THE RULES! The employer was obviously in the wrong, and there is no excuse for that, but these franchise owners are in the HOLE! The only way to maintain these franchises successfully is if you own MORE THAN 2 STORES! I know of certain store owners owning 3 stores, but only OPERATING PRODUCTION from one store, to save money. HOWEVER, this person was forced to purchase new delivery vans, even though they have no use for them. Having also worked with the corporate owned stores as well, I know for a fact that they take as many out of territory orders as they can, no matter how far, as long as they get the calls they will take the orders. Also, PUSHING OTHER INDEPENDENTLY OWNED STORES TO THE BOTTOM OF LISTS FOR AVAILABLE STORES IN AREAS, TO FORCE CUSTOMERS TO USE CORP STORES ONLY! This franchise is a BUST don't buy into this BS!

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  • Di
      15th of Feb, 2011

    Thank you for posting that! I was thinking of making a huge investment into the bs and bring it to South America but right when I started exchanging emails with the CEO his behaviour set me back. One week after we had spoken he send me an email saying there were more people interested in South America and therefore pushing me towards closing a business deal. I didn`t like it and gave up on the idea. What you are saying just meets the impression they left on me. Not a friendly one. I felt they would open too many stores in one neighbourhood and that would surely damage the income of each store but he didn`t seem to be worried about that at all.

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  • Ro
      3rd of Feb, 2018

    Nothing has chang
    They have become even more greedy.
    Marketing funds have been collected not used.
    Since June 2017 no marketing was done and all the funds collected from the franchisee has not been accounted for
    'Chasing of money' is the only goal, stay away from this 'Greedy' franchise.

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