Edgars Rosebank Mall Storecustomer till service and security tag

today Sunday 7th May 2017 I entered the store to purchase a pair of Topman socks. I proceeded to the pay at the main men's pay point but found that it was deserted! I then in the distance saw a person proceeding towards the Customer Service desk where only one till with was being operated with two employees. I had to wait to be served eventually by two unpleasant employees. The purchase required change of R21 whereupon they handed me R21 in coins as they said that they had no change! I Then, I proceeded out of the shop and then shopped at another 3 stores where when I entered and excited the shops the alarm was sounded. My bag and purchases were searched embarrassingly. when i reached home and opened the pack of socks, I found a security tag which was NOT removed by the staff members. This incident is totally unacceptable!

May 07, 2017

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