Edgars Fashion / Edconincorrect billing from unauthorized charges

Edgars had implemented charges on my account which I have not authorized. These charges first appeared in May 2018 on the statement. It was listed as airtime/ data subscription of R78. This continued until August 2018 when an additional charge of sms subscription for R48. When I queried my balance owing, because I had received an sms to say that my account is in arrears. Bear in mind, I have been paying an instalment of R300 monthly. Also September was the last that I made a purchase.

Still my balance was not reducing enough. Upon further inquiry, on 7 December 2018
At the Chatsworth store. Edgars customer service consultant explained that the services on the account which resulted in a higher instalment. I am on a fixed contract with a mobile service provider. My contract does not allow me to add on airtime, data or sms from another source. This I explained at the store. The consultant asked me to speak to RMCS who is the billing company. I told her that I will not speak to the billing company because I did not engage this company to do the billing. She said she will escalate the query.
Today, 12 December 2018, I go into the same store and the lady says that they are working on the query and shows me a printout of my enquiries and her email to the billing company. Around 18:08 I get a call from RMCS and the lady does not verify my details. She tells me that she has a voice recording of the phone conversation where I authorized these charges. I proceed to tell her my service provider story. I also asked her to provide me with a copy of the recording. She says she will disconnect the subscriptions as of today. I have asked repeatedly for her to confirm when and where the authorization was given.
She says that she doesn't know if a refund is possible and that the investigation will continue.

I do believe that if someone takes something from you without your permission it's stealing. So Edgars has stolen this money over a period of time from me.
This amounts to fraud. This must be noted.
From the time that these fraudulent charges have been appearing on my statement, it has been billed to an amount of R864.
I want a complete refund with interest. I also expect Edgars to contact the credit bureau in writing and withdraw the slow payer comment.

Dec 12, 2018

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