Edgars Fashion / Edconedgars insurance took my cell phone

Last year(2016) beginning of December I accidentally dropped my phone (Samson A7 2016 model) and the screen cracked and was covered with ink. A week before Christmas I took it to edgars store in rosebank johhannesburg for it to be fixed through my insurance. After calling edgards daily following up on my claim and not getting valid feedback, on the 3rd of January 2017, a lady (edgars call center) tells me that i will have to pay an excess of R2000 and that my claim has NOT been approved as yet. I then tell her that I don't understand why my excess amount is so high, i requested for her to cancel my claim and send back my phone and cancel my insurance while at it. She then advised me that she has done so and i will get my phone back unfixed since the claim was not approved yet.
Today its the 16th of January 2017 i still havent recieved my phone, I dont know how much airtime i have watsed calling edgards and asking them about my phone, no one seem to know where my phone is. Today (16th January) I called their call centre again, this time they told me that my phone was beyond repair (which in not true) and therefor i will not get it back. I dont understand how it it even got to that because I requested for my phone to be sent back before they even approved my claim. I am closing my edgards account and would like them to give me my phone unfixed.

Jan 16, 2017

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