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Firstly let me start off by saying how disgusting and appalled I am at the service I have personally received from your company and to make matters worse, even from Paul Drake, who I think has now written me off. This is disgraceful especially from a "So called Manager"

Let me start at the beginning of this whole episode.

My husband took out this insurance.
Our washing machine broke and he logged a call at the end of April .
After numerous follow up calls, your technician came. He told my Mother in law that it was the brushes and that the will be back to replace them.
I waited and had to follow up again and was told that this job card had been completed. Than after speaking to Paul I was told now that a new motor had been ordered with a control panel. Eventually the technician came and took the motor and told us that it was going to be repaired. So what happened to the new motor... lies lies lies.. I have phoned so many times and eventually have been told that they are now still waiting for parts, how true this is, is beyond me
This is now going into 3 months. I have had to now to do hand washing and alternate between the Laundromat for this whole time. It is so easy for your company to take our money every month and you do not deliver the service.

I have kept record of every call
end of April Justin logged a call for them to come and fix the machine
23 May: Spoke to Melany, she said that the they will send somebody to come and look at our machine
end of May - the technician came and said that there was a problem with the brushes and that he would have to order some
30 May - on the system is showed that a new motor and control panel was ordered.
6 June - spoke to Janine - still waiting for parts
8 June - spoke to Melany - still waiting for parts
9 Jun - on your system is shows that the job is completed on the 25 May
10 June - l left a message with Bruce for Paul Drake to call me.
10 June - Paul said that they will send the technician out today. He came late in the afternoon and took the whole motor to fix it nothing about a new motor or control panel as I was previously told.
13 Jun - Paul promised to look into it and call me back
14 June - Sent Paul a sms, he than called me back to tell me that he is working on this.
23 June - spoke to Kay - she said that they are still waiting for the parts
1 July - Paul wont take my calls, so I sent him a sms - no reply
1 July - spoke to Veruschka, she said that I must email her and she would handle it. I did, heard nothing, resent the email on the 4 July, still nothing
13 July - Spoke to Charmaine she said that the job was completed on the 25 May. I once again told her that it was not and they still have returned my motor.

I find your company totally unprofessional and will be taking this matter up with Edgars Head Office and the customer protection act.

I refer you to MasterCare's website where they make the following statements:
"MasterCare commits to maintain our leading position in the home appliance repairs and maintenance industry, earned through our consistent and exceptional service and Customer Care, backed by a custom-built fully-integrated IT system that controls and tracks jobs. We commit to continue the guarantee that our technicians do repairs to strict control standards, whether in our customer’s home, or in-store in one of our 36 stores and franchises. We also commit to stay ahead of our customers’ needs, devising new products meet the needs of our manufacturer, retail and consumer customers. MasterCare is proud to have a long-standing South African heritage, driving the vision and passion to deliver the best quality service and be a brand and employer of choice."

"MasterCare leads the home appliance maintenance industry through consistent and exceptional service and Customer Care, backed by a fully integrated IT system that controls and tracks jobs. MasterCare is proud to have a long-standing South African heritage, driving the vision and passion to deliver the best quality service to manufacturers and end-user clients."

I have been doing a search on the internet and have found more complaints that you can imagine...

Megan Bertz


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      Aug 24, 2011

    I totally agree with the disgust you feel. My elderly parents have been subjected to this appalling 'customer abuse' as well. They have now been without a fridge for a month. Initially the call at EDCON was logged in for a service in Johannesburg whereas they live in PMBurg. This was only realised when my dad received a sms from EDCON saying that the job was completed. How could it be when it was logged in for the incorrect city! Finally, after too many phone calls to mention that were made to EDCON and EarlyBird in Durban, a technician arrived at their home at 5.45pm a week later only to tell them he needs parts. Another week has passed and still no word. My phone calls this morning to Early Bird has not given us any joy. I'm told the technician has been ill for the last few days and the part is still on order. In his absence there is no replacement. He was also supposed to look at their microwave, but our queries relating to this appliance go unanswered. In the interim, no one has thought to do a followup call and let the customer know what has happened. My dad made several calls but it got to a stage where no one was taking them anymore, hence my intervention and still no satisfaction - not from EDCON, Early Bird or Master Care. From all the complaints I read about, the EDCON Appliance insurance is yet another money making scheme where the innocent customer is treated with less care imaginable. Customer Care is really disappointing and the fact that no one at EDCON, Master Care or Early Bird respond to the customers' feedback is in itself a fact that they JUST DON"T CARE! This reeks of incompetence, but it appears that EDCON management or Directors are quite happy with inefficiency as long as their pockets are lined. I too will be lodging a complaint with the Ombudsman and the National Consumer Council.

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      Nov 07, 2011

    I have also been a client of Early Bird for some 26 years now, I did not know the Edcon maintenance contract was also part of Early Bird. I have not had reason to use Edcon and have not used Early Bird for over ten years. Now when I want to cancel my contract with Early Bird, I cannot get hold of anyone on the phone. I leave messages, nobody phones back. I have tried Mastercare as well with no response. I think now that I know Edcon is also part of this terrible company I will be cancelling this contract as well

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      Dec 29, 2011

    I agree with all of the comments amde about Mastercare. They brought back my fridge in a worse state than what is was before and all Paul Drake has to say is that nothing can be done. They left me without a fridge over the Xmas weekend after they promised that it would be delivered on Friday [protected]. Now that I want to claim for the meat and veggies that were spoilt because of this, they are giving me a run around. I am definately cancelling this contract with Edcon

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