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Since my attendance was about 10 years ago, this is more a note to others.

I attended what was known as ecpi technical college at the time at the richmond / glen allen / innsbrook location. While going through the week everything seem fine, but the last few months was a nightmare.

1) I completed both an associates and bachelors degrees from ecpi. After I completed the associates degree I asked to sit in a networking class as it was offered for free once you have completed it. They scheduled me in and I was only participating in the class work. Almost 3/4 into the class they informed me that due to some missing credits I was meant to retake the class... Which then prompted the teacher to give me 0 on the homework and exams that I did not participate in which gave me a c, even though I got an a before... (and I got as in all my other technical classes). The teacher would not even allow me to try to make up for it.

2) during the last couple of months of the bachelors degree the finance department came around to tell me that I owed more money than they initially laid out in front of me because they were projecting that I was going to get x amount from grants but I didn't get them. This is unacceptable as you shouldn't be guessing what I am getting, that should have been worked out before I started the degree, not 2 months before I finish it. Needlessly to say, the main financial lady was never around or returned my messages for a very long time.

3) and this are the 2 most painful parts — a) I finally *finally* got a good job at the university of arizona where I get an awesome deal in their degrees. I was trying to apply for a master's degree, but lo and behold, because ecpi is not regionally accredited school, I could not use any of my credits to even get admitted to the master's program. To add insult to injury, I had to hunt down the registrar on facebook to obtain my transcripts and took a week to do a frigging email... Anywho

B) consider this... I have an associates degree and a bachelors degree that totaled about 47k in student debt... My wife has a bachelors and masters degree and her student debt is less than what I have. Imagine that — I have a less of a degree for more than my wifes masters...

Bottom line: if you want a degree go to vsu / vcu / uva, which ever one is closest to you, or even see if those state universities have an online degree if you are not close to those school. For profit schools like ecpi, university of phoenix, and (soon to be defunct) itt tech are not worth your time or your money.

What I like to see from the school is full transparency about its accreditation, as well as the cost and not get blindsided with a bill close to the end of the program in which they were the ones that made the error.

Oh about the jobs thing... May be I was unlucky and was coming out of school when the job market was bad in richmond, but here is my complete list:

2007 - no job until a few months after graduation - working as a copier technician (not a computer technician, but a photocopier technician). I was supposedly was meant to replace the person that dealt with networking the copiers to client's network but that didn't happen... And I was the one that taught him! I did search while working for this company and the job market was really poor.

2009 - after a couple of years and a really poor excuse for firing me, I moved to arizona where the job market was better and I couldn't do interviews from virginia. Took a year of searching before I landed a technical call center job for a cable provider... It was *somewhat* related to technical and it wasn't bad at all, other than the micromanaging and the erroneous reports on productivity.

2014 - almost 5 years I finally gave in then quickly found an actual technical help desk job for the university of arizona...

7 years it took me...

And one more last thing!

I would encourage everyone to watch john oliver's segment about student debt and it kind of sums up how I feel ecpi is. You can find it on youtube and search for lastweektonight (the handle for his official youtube account) and then look for student debt. It's one of his earlier segments.

Aug 31, 2016

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