Econolodge / multiple issues

Waukegan, IL, United States

My family and I had the displeasure of staying at the Econolodge in Waukegan, Illinois from July 9, 2015-July 12th, 2015. The facility was dark and very dirty. Our rooms smelled like stale smoke. Our screens were so bent we had no choice but to close the windows or be eaten by mosquitos and other bugs. Our carpets were tacky from spills and your feet were black if you walked on the carpet. Our rug was not secured under baseboards. The bathroom tiles were cracked and crumbling and our bathtub was full of dirt. Our housekeeper handed me 1 towel and ran the vacuum in a straight line one time and walked out. I asked if she was going to clean and said she was done. She never changed the sheets or removed the old towels. The floors in the building sag when you walk and I turned my ankle causing me to fall on the floor. We had to report multiple times that the wireless internet service was not working and we even had the lovely treat of dog poop in the hall from someone who kept a pet in their room. That was there for 5 hours after I reported it 3 times to both cleaning staff and the reception area. This building is in desperate need of cleaning and renovation. The secure entry ways were not working so anyone could walk in without scanning their card. The flip latch on our door was broken and my daughter got stuck in the bathroom twice because the lock would not disengage. We tried to find another hotel in the area however due to it being graduation for the Navy, which is why I was in town as well, there were none to be found. I had 2 different rooms reserved (316 and 109) and both rooms were very poor. To top everything off I bought a box of candy while I was on base and had stored it in my refrigerator. To my amazement housekeeping "cleaned" my fridge and the only thing they took was the candy. They did not touch the other goods I had stored or the beverages. I sincerely hope Econolodge will visit this hotel and see how poorly maintained the hotel truly is.

Jul 14, 2015

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