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North Ridgeville, OH, United States

I have a pair of ladies' ECCO slip on shoes that I have used with care because I truly found them extremely comfortable. Unfortunately a few days ago as I exited our car I discovered that the soles have deteriorated. Please refer to the attached photos. I am now concerned about purchasing any other Ecco shoes for fear of the same thing happening again. Has your manufacturing process changed or are you using the same type of material for the soles of your shoes? The cost of repair will outway the benefit. I no longer have the invoice but did purchase the shoes through a Dillard's Department store at the Great Northern Mall, North Olmsted, Ohio


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  • Ecco Customer Care's Response, Nov 14, 2018

    What is occurring with the soles is called Hydrolysis. Hydrolysis damage occurs when moisture builds up in the thousands of air bubbles found in the polyurethane soles. If not worn for a considerable amount of time, or stored correctly, the moisture build-up causes the soles to break down.

    You can submit a warranty claim so the shoes can be sent in for inspection by our Quality Assurance team. Once inspected, if it is hydrolysis, you will receive a redemption coupon code that will enable you to select a replacement pair on-line at To submit a Warranty Claim, simply visit . On the bottom navigation, under SERVICES, select Warranty. The Warranty Claim process will be explained in detail.

    A Claim Number will be generated and displayed. Be sure to retain this number to track your Warranty Claim. Once complete, print your Prepaid Return Label or E-mail it to yourself to print later. Then, simply package up your shoes, apply this label and drop off at any US Post Office. An email will be sent once your shoes arrive at ECCO.

Oct 26, 2018

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