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Toronto ON, United States

Currently, eBay involved with some seller those who are doing business unethically. The eBay supports that kind of seller directly and involved with unacceptable business and not having any good corporate governance and control over a seller. Whatsoever seller gives advertisement without checking eBay published its own website.
I bought “Orange Jasmine Bonsai Tree - 1 Live Plant (Send in special packaging)” on June 1, 2015. The description of items was written as follows:

• Live plant
• Amazing tree
• Special tree
• The tree includes aluminum wire for getting a first design!!!
• Special tree for bonsai growers
• Plant Age - 1 year!!!
• Condition of the plant - Perfect
• Plant will be shipped with pot and soil.
• User guide will be added for delivery
• We send regular mail only!!!

Most of the descriptions are fake and cheating with customers. Today when I received the item I am surprised to see that it comes with an envelope and inside the envelope there is a 6” plastic bottle. And inside the bottle there is a 2” plant with 5 leaves and approximately age is 1/2 months.
Not only that, seller does not accept any return. I have nothing to say and only I will try to avoid eBay and will go another online seller.
I posted two Image here one is shown in website another is what I have received. Please compare this and take professional judgment.


  • Resolution statement

    My complaint is not resolved. Every time they create a new issue. I am a customer of eBay since 2007 and now decided that I will no longer purchase any item through eBay.

Jun 16, 2015

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