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eBay / they don't want small dealers

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No matter what eBay says, their recent feedback policy changes have been put in place eliminate all small and mid-level sellers to the site to make way for all of the mega volume sellers on the site. eBay is ran by corporate minded people who do not think about small business, but rather how much money can they become worth.

This is evident eBay swallowing up every company that could piggyback or compete for their share of the marketplace (paypal, Skype, banning Google Checkout)

I have been running an eBay store for 2+ years with nothing but 100% feedback and great seller experience. Then they change their feedback policy and like many of you, have found my score to drop drastically and in turn have found my account on hold for 30 days!

The reason for the hold on my account for poor seller performance and creating a bad buying experience. Well now that buyers have a free for all on our feedback that is "relative to the volume of sales per month" the small and mid-level sellers will soon be forced out for poor feedback equally low sales or eBay simply closing you down because you do not give them enough money.

On top of that, when the neutral feedback was put into place eBay told sellers and buyers that the neutral feedback would not hurt a sellers score and then in turn made sellers and buyers kind of ok with that and understanding. Then out of no where those neutrals do count and are held against us. I was talking to a customer service agent with eBay this morning and asked him in all honesty if he thought that sounded fair. Of course he couldn’t answer the truth and said all he could say was the policies.

I also asked him why eBay favours the buyers when its the sellers who actually pay fees to eBay and have an alliance with eBay and work on the site daily. So you give all the power to the buyers in truth may visit the site once a month? Is it because they want to keep the buyers happy and visiting all of their mega dealers? What does eBay care if a small dealer wont be selling their iPod on eBay when they got some huge company on there selling 5000 of them at a time?

I returned an email to them with some questions I asked them. I will post their reply here if I get one back.

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      24th of Jul, 2008
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    I have encountered the exact same problem and have also been suspended for 2 negative feedbacks both of which were issued refunds and never incurred a loss from me. I do not think the new policy is fair and we as sellers have no rebuttle rights to this at all! I have since quit selling on ebay which has financially hurt me but if I can't depend on my account being avaliable for me then why do I need to run up listing fees to have auctions canceled that are NEVER credited back then the process turns into account suspension for non payment of seller fees!

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