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I am a private party who makes a small but useful amount of income on eBay, selling things for other people and for myself, etc. In 2006 or 20086, I had posted an ad on Craigslist advertsiing that I would sell thins for people; Scott Hawkins was one fo the respondents. He semeed liek a good guy and in fact I sold at least three items for him, so I had begun to trust him. He agreed to my normal ways of selling and getting money to him in all previous auctions (designed so that I would not get ripped off, basically!), so when he asked to do it differently on a 4th successful auction for a $1300 Oakley sunglasses case, I felt I could trust him and sent him some ( I think about $800) of the money for it before the item had been shipped. which I never would do normally, but you can see I thought I could trust him. Well, it turns out there never was an Oakley sunglasses case, which Scott had allegedly stored somewhere at a shipping center in Denver. and I ended up not only losing all the money that i forwarded him, but also additional funds out of my personal PayPal and bank accounts as the upset buyer who did not get the case ended up filing a PayPal complaint against me, and in the end I ended up paying over $1200 out of my pocket. Plus partially trashing my eBay business at the time!

And Scott had taken off to California. I tried and tried to reach him, he emailed me (2x) and said he was sorry and would pay me back, but I never have seen a penny of the money. It was soon after this that I discovered he had a habit of ripping others off, especially in regards to fake Rolex watches, etc... and then he completely disappeared after allegedly trying to start a Smart Car business in California somewhere, which true to the trail that Scott seems to leave behind him, did not succeed.

He gained my trust, then when he saw that I trusted him, he scammed me. I have had one contact with him in the last 12 months after searching forever on the net to find him (I got lucky, I guess) ; he claims he is unable to pay me anything at all, and aid he would help me with SEO marketing for my (wedding) photography website. Well, he forwarded me one email with a few pretty much generic and useless pointers, then I never heard from him again. Here was his chance to do $1200 in business to promote me, and to finally after 3 years pay me back, and he blew it-once again, not a man of integrity. I even once told him I would be happy if he sent me $900 just to settle.
So I made a mistake, he scammed me, and I had to pay for it.

There are more than a few complaints about him on the web as well, especially in regards to not completed web-design after he had been paid for it (!)(through another company that he ended up bailing on on) and something to do with Rolex watches. Fakes or fake auctions for the real thing. Also he had been kicked off eBay previous to using my services; now I know why.

Please, if anyone knows how to get to this guy and get my money out of him, I would be delighted! He is a full time scammer, as far as I can tell, and he needs to be stopped
Boulder, CO

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  • Jm
      21st of Apr, 2011

    Wow i Honestly can't believe this . Thank goodness I did not bid !

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