EasySaver RewardsUnauthorized billing


A $1.95 showed up on my CC Statement paid to EZSVRS, the next month 14.95 charge appeared. I called Easy Savers and was told I signed up for their service when I ordered from Proflowers. I stated that I HAD NOT signed up. They said that I had received a confirmation email. I told the that I DID NOT received any email from them. that was when the woman at Easysavers to me she would cancel my membership and refund 14.95 charge. They get the 1.95 I guess. I'll never order from Proflowers again, what a rip off/scam!!

I never gave my CC info to EasySavers, they got the info from my Proflowers order. I've emailed Proflowers three times regarding this and all I get is a generic email response.I am contacting my CC company to get the 1.95 reversed.

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