EasyJet / cancellation of flights & refusal to pay vouched expenses

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I had flights (4 number) cancelled by EasyJet on the evening of the 12th June when we were waiting to board our flight home from Gatwick airport.

After over 5 hours in the airport I finally got to talk to one of the two Easy jet people. They had no flights available to Belfast but told me it was ok to arrange our own way home and that we would be reinbursed.

I got alternative flights from Heathrow the next morning and uploaded my expenses on to their web site the next day.

I have made a total of 12 calls to them since then and sent my expenses through to them 5 different times since then with each member of their customer services asking for me to email the expenses to them.

It appears that EasyJet customer services is a South African call centre with little access to EasyJet information.

I have sent them in different formats PDF and JPEG etc. etc.

Finally I got a one line email saying they would not pay any of my £778 of expenses (new flights with alternative airline, hotel stay beside Heathrow, transfers to Heathrow, taxi fares from Belfast City to Belfast International airport and additional car parking charges).

How is it possible that they can refuse to pay these expenses due to their cancelled flights. This does not include lost wages for the Monday.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Raymond Acheson

Aug 05, 2016

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