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EasyJet / service has deteriorated

1 United Kingdom

Until the end of 2009, I had been more than happy with the service provided by Easyjet. Flying with the likes of BA for work is a completely different experience and worth the extra cost to maximise against the risk of delays etc however, for personal use Easyjet has always provided a very good service.
View however, that this service has deteriorated dramatically during the course of 2010.
Since January 2010 have used easyJet on approx. 20 occasions. 7 Cancelled flights, and only one occasion did the flight depart within an hour of the scheduled time. Average delay has been 2 hours.
On one occasion it was explained that there were issues relating to the French air traffic controllers strike, which is understandable, and on the remainder the explanation provided was simply the late arrival of the plane at the previous destination. Seems to be a standard line.

7 cancelled flights and a response time for claims and credit refunds of not less than 3 months. No point phoning the customer services number, which I have tested on 5 occasions and have failed to have my call answered within the 3 hours.

On 2 occasions I was told at the airport by easyJet staff prior to security, that the flight would be cancelled and that I should make alternative arrangements and then claim a refund. Easyjet customer services, after 3 months of evaluating my claim, state that the records available show that the flight was delayed but not cancelled, and therefore refuse my claim.

Have discovered that there is no point in contesting as the customer services team don’t respond to either phone calls or e mails, not at least within a further 4 months.

As a side note, I have hosted 32 tourists during 2010, of which 21 have travelled using Easyjet. Not one of these guests arrived within an hour of the scheduled time.

Easyjet used to be a good low cost service provider, with an acceptable level of punctuality and capability to resolve problems. Given also the cost base.
No doubt that the quality of the service provided by Easyjet has deteriorated dramatically during the last 12 months, and the back up from the customer service team is at best extremely poor, and more frequently non existent. Considerable frustration at the costs involved in having to work around what are essentially Easyjet’s problems and the time and costs involved in obtaining a least that satisfactory resolution to credit requests.
Considerably amount of time and money essentially given to Easyjet. What charity.

Am no longer an easyJet customer. Whilst the likes of BA cost considerably more, they do at least provide a basic service, i.e a flight, and / or alternatives when things go wrong, which is all I expect.


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