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Easy Life Furniture / delivery of furniture

1 Oxnard, CA, United States Review updated:

I purchased a couch and love seat at Easy Life Furniture last Sunday, and was promised delivery for today, 2/7/09. When my furniture hadn't arrived by early afternoon and I hadn't received a phone call, I called the Easy Life store and was told that my salesman had put down my address as a city 30 miles from me. Apparently they wrote down the wrong home phone number also (they said it was missing a digit) so when they called instead of calling the 2nd work number I provided, they just didn't bother to call at all. At 1:30 p.m. I am told by them that they couldn't possibly find time to drive another 30 miles to deliver the furniture today, and that they would deliver my furniture on the following Thursday. The only problem with that is I put the couch and love seat that I am replacing outside yesterday to facilitate the move, and it has been pouring rain since yesterday and my old couch and love seat is cloth. I am having a birthday party for my daughter tonight, and I have no living room furniture, except for the tables. I then asked the store manager Christine for my money back, and she told me since I paid by check it would take two weeks. The check has already cleared my bank, and with the internet being what it is, that would have been easy to prove. I would just suggest anyone beware of a purchase from them. They have several hours to correct their mistake, but refused to do anything but make me wait until next weekend, or wait for a check for 10 to 14 working days.

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  • Ma
      30th of Mar, 2009
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    Easy Life Furniture - Positive counter arguments?
    Easy Life Furniture
    United States

    Beware - I researched this forum BEFORE buying from EASY LIFE FURNITURE after hearing from various friends and family that they possesses a far less than reputable track record. All complaints here on this forum are also the same --- poor quality, miserable customer service.

    PLEASE NOTE - I researched this forum and found VERY FEW POSITIVE COMMENTS. Interestingly, they came mostly from one man. He has taken the time to post glowingly positive reviews towards the company and insulting, rude reviews of the individuals who have warned others with their very appropriate complaints.

    This thoroughly satisfied individual is so pleased with the company that he has disputed complaints here 11 times, only about EASY LIFE FURNITURE, since February of 2017 until today, March 30th 2017. Busy, busy, busy...

    HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE to any thinking person...wouldn’t ya think?

  • Da
      10th of May, 2009
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    Easy Life Furniture - Took My Money But Never Delivered
    Easy Life Furniture
    United States

    I ordered my son's first big boy bed from Easy Life Furniture (Kids) in Brea six weeks before we were moving in to our new home. I paid in full and was quoted four to six weeks until the bed would be ready for us to pick it up in Buena Park.

    As the six week mark approached, I called to find out status (as I had not heard a word from them). I was told there was no new information and to call back if I had not heard anything after the six week mark.

    I waited until the seven week mark, and I called the store for status. I told the girl that answered what I was calling about, and she immediately forwarded me to a man without explaining why or that she would be doing that.

    This man then informed me that the company that makes the bed I ordered SEVEN weeks before was in a labor dispute with the LA school district. They would not be making beds for several more months. He had the nerve to say to me "oh you are the last one on my list to call and I was just about to do that." Yeah...

    So, basically the store took my money in full, never said anything to me the first time I called (and they had to have known about this) and never contacted me to let me know I would never be getting a bed.

    Now, I have to drive back to get my money refunded to me. I am without a bed for my son. I painted his room to match the blue bed I ordered (and I can not find a cute blue bed elsewhere with the same hue). Ordering any other bed from another store will be another month.

    I didn't even get a "sorry"...

  • Ju
      26th of Mar, 2011
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    Sounds like he works for Easy Life. Companies often have employees post false comments about how great their company happens to be.

  • Am
      23rd of Nov, 2011
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    Easy Life Furniture - Do not give them your money!
    Easy Life Furniture
    United States

    We purchased a couch from Easy Life Furniture ( The buying experience was pleasant enough, but when it came time for them to deliver the couch, we had a horrific experience with them.

    Firstly, they tried to jam the couch into the elevator and when it didn't fit they became angry and tried to force me to sign a waiver of liability so if they damaged the couch, I was liable for it.

    After I refused to do this, they became even more belligerent. I refused delivery of the couch, since they would only bring it up to my apartment if I accepted liability for it. They called me back a few minutes later to come downstairs because they had left their dolly inside our apartment building behind a locked door.

    I came down immediately to give them access to the dolly to find that they had pounded in our door to the point that the lock was bent and it was impossible to open the door from either side!

    When I confronted them about this, they began calling me names and using slurs at me and picked up the couch and practically ran out of my apartment complex. When I asked the delivery man his name, he of course, didn't give it to me.

    I was in tears at this point and trying to explain to my apartment management people that these men had damaged the door. The delivery guy came back to take of picture of the door and continued to be belligerent - yelling and calling me names.

    It was a horrible experience. I am a woman and was alone at the time of delivery. They were trying to railroad me into signing papers I didn't have to, and when I didn't they began being intimidating and mean.

    I will never do business with these people again and I encourage anybody else who is considering it to GET OUT while you still can. They are not an ethical company. Do not give them your money!

  • Tp
      18th of Jul, 2013
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    My wife and I bought a complete living room set at the Northridge store. The Salesman said buy the warranty and it covers everything. I bought a Broyhill sofa and two springs popped out of the bottom of the sofa the springs broke. I called Guardian the insurer and they said they only warranty the microfiber. That is fraud every time I have called Elizabeth she is always in small claims court. I wonder why. The California State Attorney General's Office should be notified for Easy Life permits their commissioned salespeople to lie about the warranty. If you want to buy quality furniture buy from Ashley all American made and their warranty does cover everything.

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