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My mother has had cable for many years, she had been living in the seniors units in Hythe, AB and has now moved into the Hythe Pioneer Home. Apparently it must be 7 years ago that Eastlink had bought out Persona, Persona had established a seniors discount and this was applied to thier monthly invoices. In December 2014 I had her cable moved from the respite room in the Pioneer Home to a permanent room in the Pioneer Home (she moved from the west wing to the east wing). On her December 2014 bill it is still showing the seniors discount but now on the January bill there is no discount. I spoke with a supervisor with Eastlink, his name is Kevin, and he proceeds to inform me that Eastlink does not have that policy (seniors discount) and out of good faith he is going to give mom the discount of $20.00 for six months only. He said that she shouldn't of had it anyways, so my argument is that if they did not have the seniors discount why was it NOT taken off 7 years ago. How can they take back something like this with no written notice. The cable is not the same as the neighbouring towns (it is substanially less) but yet they are charged the same for the service that is provided in the other towns. How can these company get away with this, this is all totally unacceptable.

Jan 26, 2015
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      Mar 14, 2015
    Eastlink - charging
    Hubbards NS

    Eastlink supply a wireless modem/Router then charge $10 a month to keep the wireless turned on the router, if you logon to the router and turn it on yourself, every 30 minutes they send a signal down the cable to turn it off again, in NS where I live im stuck with them I have no other provider to turn to

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