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In March 2008 I canceled by Earthlink as my service provider. I ask them to cancel everything. Months later I find that they are still charging me 9.95 per month for email usage which I have not and DID NOT want to use. The Indian on the phone said that he could only credit me with the lasts months billing of $9.95. I am pretty sure I will take this to small claims court since I have since read on the complaints about Earthlink that they are doing this to a number of folks. I would NOT use or recommend use of Earthlink as a service provider for anyone. They are a scam. If they are doing this to a number of people I can just imagine how this must add up in their behalf.

A very perturbed man!

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  • Ir
      Dec 07, 2010

    I have been taken for a few months of earthlink's services!! They somehow got my credit card no. & billed me a couple times before I noticed it. My bank reversed the charges until Earthlink gave "proof" (as in, my forged signature) & then paid them back. I had to change my card to get it to stop. In addition, I wrote to them on one of their fraudulent bills that I NEVER signed up for them (it was dial-up, for crying out loud!! We've had DSL for YEARS at this point!!), nor do I want them & I want them to stop!

    Today I received a letter from a collection agency. They were INCREDIBLY rude, would not let me talk, so had to yell over her, then hang up. The only way to reach Earthlink is thru snail mail, conveniently, unless you have an "account, " which I supposedly do, but clearly do not have any log-in information, as I NEVER established an account with them! ARGH!

    If they don't clear EVERYTHING up in 30 (including anything reported to credit bureaus), I am going to the State Attorney General in their state (GA), as well as in my home state AND to the FCC!!

    Take note, Earthlink: YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG GIRL!!!

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