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Earthlink / Refusal to release my line and charging for service not used!

1 United States

Earthlink is terrible. I wanted to know if anyone could help me in doing something about them.

This is my story:

I signed up in July 2007 for the bundle service (Phone and Internet, the first month was a free trial). One week of having the service I could not receive incoming calls. If someone called they would get a message saying, "The number you have reached (my number), is not excepting incoming calls". I have never heard that message from any phone service except for cell phones. Then, right after that my DSL connection drop. The DSL would connect sometimes, but the connection would not last long. I called tech support and the representative blamed the problem on my phone lines and/or my computer. I had just switched from Verizon, and there wasn't any problem then. Also, I had just replaced my hard drive.

So, I decided to cancel my service with them in August 2 days before my trail period was over. The rep. then offer me all kinds of deals and credits to stop me from canceling. I turned them down and requested a cancellation. Then the rep told my I had to pay an early cancellation fee, and I owed a payment for one month of service. I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was then put on hold. When the rep return I was told my cancellation was processed, I would not receive an early cancellation fee, and in fact had a negative credit on my account (in which they gave me). I told them I was going to re-sign with Verizon. The rep assured me that there would be no problems from Earthlink. All I had to do was let earthlink know when Verizon was coming to install my new service. They also informed me, once Verizon install their service it would automatically knock Earthlink off my line. The rep. then explained because of the one month credit I was given, I would be able to use Earthlink free for a month or until Verizon was installed (which ever one came first) if I chose to.

On September 14 my Verizon installed. On the 17th or 18th I tried to install my Verizon DSL, it did not work. When I called verzion the rep informed me that Earthlink was still on my line. I called Earthlink and they told me that Verizon had to call them and request the number. I explained to the rep that Verizon had my number, they just needed earthlink to get off my line. The Earthlink rep still insisted on have Verizon call. So, I called Verizon and informed them of what earthlink told me. Verizon called and earthlink gave them a conformation number that the transaction was complete (this did not go through until Sept. 27). I then received a bill from earthlink for the month of August and September.

I called earthlink once again and they told me that my account had been active from my start date in July to September 27. I explained the entire situation to them, and that is was not my fault earthlink took a month to drop my line. At the end of the conversion they were suppose to re-give me the one month credit, and give me a second one for September. Come the first week of July I received another bill from earthlink. This bill was from a bounce check fee in August when they tried to take from my bank account one month of service. I never knew this had happen, and why didn’t they bring this up before? I refused to pay because, they should not have taken anything being as though I was in my free trial period.

On October 30, I received a bill for the bounce check fee and an early cancellation fee. I am not paying anything, I want to go over their head.

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