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Earthlink / Total incompetence

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I was supposed to have been connected on EarthLink's True Voice phone service on October 10. The equipment they sent did not work. They agreed to send me new equipment in 5 to 7 days. Keep in mind, EarthLink had already switched my phone service so that would have left me without service for the 5 to 7 days. When I protested they agreed to send the equipment overnight if I paid the $39.95 shipping charges. What choice did I have? What a joke. The customer pays because the company sent faulty equipment.

The new equipment arrived in two days and all of the proper lights lit up. I installed it, went through all of the steps and no dial tone. I called customer service. After a long wait on hold I was connected to customer service rep who took me through a few steps to no avail. He transferred me to India. After about 30 minutes the new customer rep said (I think) that a level 3 technician would work on the problem and call me in 2 to 48 hours.

I was never called, so I called again. I gave them the repair order number but they asked me the same questions again, and then again. The problems was not solved. I was given another repair order number and a promise it would be fixed in 24 hours and someone would call.

Again, no fix, no call. I called to canceled the service. The rep assured me that he would have the problem resolved within 24 hours. One more day goes by and no fix, no call. I called again. Same thing all over again.

During this time I found a link to EarthLink's CEO's email. I have written him twice detailing my experience and frustration. Like all EarthLink employees I never heard from him either. Now I see that their dedication to the customer starts at the top.

I have spent more than 4 hours on the phone (my cell phone) with their service department with no resolution. It is not bad enough that they are incompetent, they don't speak a language that I understand either. All I want at this point is to be rid of their total incompetence and back with the regular old phone service.

Fair warning to anyone who is considering EarthLink for Internet phone service. Forget it!!!


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  • Ma
      2nd of Aug, 2007
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    I have pretty much similar situation with Earthlink's DSL and Basic Home Service when I started it last October 2006. I have been experiencing a lot of disconnection issues with our DSL service time to time. I have to re-configure their steps to be connected and the usual power down of all the system. However, it got worst starting last month that their database regarding one 877# was given me a charge of $.04/minute for the first time after so many months of staying with them; this bill we never go beyond our 500 minutes of local and long distance calls. We were given credit then. This month again, it gave me another freaking $ 130 in addition to my monthly bill of $ 55 (incl taxes, fees) because of the 800# and 877# minutes phone card usage plus inconsistent charging of local/long distance calls with less than 500 minutes the whole month. By the way, they do bill a month in advance.

    We tried to contact this issue since last week (July 27, 2007) and even on July 31, 2007 and spoke with JACOB (billing manager) and OMAR for those two calls. Both of them said they would call back to give us explanations of why our call activity has so much discrepancies with the charges.

    We are definitely stuck with their service until Oct 2007. However, up to this point, no solution to our attempt to settle our final transaction with Earthlink, and we are willing to pay the termination fee. Please DO NOT get their service. It's really hard to communicate with their support group from INDIA and PHILIPPINES. Every service they offer is being handled by different department. No other USA location that handles their billing.

  • Je
      4th of Sep, 2007
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    They completely suck. I canceled my service last month and they refuse to disconnect it. Over and over, I'm stil getting emails from them with my voice mail messages.

    They are a piece of ###.

  • Br
      30th of Sep, 2007
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    Earthlink plays a game. The game is, that after repeated failed attempts to resolve any of their outrageously fractured service and billing issues, the average schmo gives-up, and forks over the money. How much is it worth to you to spend HOURS on the phone, and get ZERO results ? The numbers game stacks in their favor. People give-up, they don't call back, and go on living with inferior, predatory service and product. Try to get on to their "Latest Call Activity" page to monitor your billing, and stay within the "500 minutes per month" limit, and you will see: "We're sorry, but call activity is currently unavailable. Please try again in a few minutes " -Minutes !! ...Mine didn't work or THREE and a HALF months. Why ? -go figure. My earthlink phone bill was more than I paid for the local land-line carrier that I switched to earthlink from. It's RIGGED. This is like a carnival game for suckers. -And the phone sounded like everybody was under water, talking through a ribbed garden hose, going into an echo chamber. WHEN IT WORKED AT ALL. I'm not out in the boonies, either. I live Downtown Seattle...there are T1 lines in the streets. Earthlink has gone down in flames. I was a customer since November of 2002, they were great then... I had the VOIP ( phone ) for three and a half months. ( 'till september 14th, 2007 ) Stay away from this company, tell your friends to stay away; -Unless you have nothing but time, patience, money to waste, and a Hindi translator. -gmail, WAY better e-mail platform......

  • Sa
      22nd of Dec, 2007
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    I agree totally with these comments about Earthlink True Voice. If you are considering it - BEWARE! The modem never worked. I was on the phone (my cell phone!) for 4 hours, being transferred everywhere and then back again with nothing every being resolved. In the meantime, I had no phone service... for days. They then wanted to charge me for shipping a modem that never worked. Their tech support is a joke! All this took place in August and I'm still going round and round with them - one person tells me I won't be billed, then I am billed, the next person tells me I will be billed and so it goes - no clear information, no call backs... no nothing! My advice, run, don't walk, away from this company!!!

  • Ma
      28th of Dec, 2007
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    I'm having the same issue as the OP. I'm in the process of switching to TruVoice, after having traditional carriers for decades. Earthlink switched off my other service on the same day that they shipped my equipment via ground UPS, which will leave me without phone service for over a week. I spent over an hour yesterday on the phone with their "customer service" trying to get it straightened out. I spoke to over half the population of India.

    Their "solution" was for me to pay expedited shipping to get the equipment faster. I told them that was a non-starter and got switched around to a slew of different supervisors. I was supposed to get a call back confirming that they would ship the equipment overnight at their expense, but the call hasn't come.

    I'm beginning to see that I made a huge mistake. I should have just kept sucking it up with Verizon.

  • Su
      5th of Jan, 2008
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    As I am writing this, I am on hold with yet another tech in India. I am not against Indians, I'm angry that I can not get my land line problem resolved. I can call out, can't receive.
    I have been on the phone a total of 10 hours in the past3 days. I have followed the directions given.Unplug this and that, give me your password and I will try and fix it there
    in True voice and then. the control panel and....etc. etc...etc.
    I have spoken to at least 10 people, all said they would help .
    I have been diconnected at least 5 times. It takes a long time to convince them to pass me to their supervisor, and it doesn't matter anyway, as I only get humg up on yet again.
    I have been promised for the past three days that the problem would be resolved, and still nothing... not even the return call they promised.
    In short, I am losing it. They are utterly inept. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

  • Ma
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    This is just an update info from my previous complaint about EARTHLINK BILLING. We did terminate our contract before OCT 2007 and we knew we were charged for the FEE of $ 145. We received their first bill including our past due and termination fee. Since I do not agree with their charging, I wrote to them within the 30 day dispute period. After 30 days, I finally received my reply regarding the dispute from this CCA collection agency. Obviously, my account was directly sent to collection agency at once and it's up to me then how to pay for all the charges. The first and only thing I did was to report to BBB of Atlanta, Georgia. I did explain all what happened regarding their misleading advertisement of 500 minutes of free local and long distance services and their billing charges for toll-free numbers; including their unsatisfactory service overall. Furthermore, I did keep a print out of my CALL ACTIVITY as a proof of the billing discrepancies. I am so glad BBB helped me out solved my problem. I am now clear from their collection charges for good.

  • Bm
      4th of Sep, 2011
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    Unbelievable! All of this nightmarish stories absolutely echo mine. I've had no dialtone for eight days. During that time I've had SEVEN on LiveChats with Earthlink reps, FOUR phone conversations (including two 90-minute conversations with so-called "Level 3 Technicians" who ultimately told me they were "escalating" my case and that a "Server Level Technician" would be calling me to finally fix the problem. Of course, that call never came. And when I called back, I essentially had to start from scratch, explaining everything from point A after having already invested several hours in going over my case with all of those different reps (some with more heavily-accented English than others). This is an evil company. Run from Earthlink as fast as possible.

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