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Earthlink / Unable to close the Earthlink account

1 United States Review updated:

I have sent the email below to Earthlink Management. I have been unable to close the Earthlink account and Earthlink continues to charge my credit card even though NO ONE EVER accessed the internet using Earthlink. This has been going on for 1 year.

One year ago I signed up a Sudanese Refugee boy that I was working with with Earthlink dial up internet service. His name is John Aroch. He had recently purchased a used lap top computer and was keen to use the internet. I used my American Express card and signed up for 1 years worth of Internet service with Earthlink.

Upon attempting to login we ran into snags due to the fact that the computer had Windows 95 which was not supported well by Earthlink. Over the next couple of months we attempted to work with your technical support people but were unsuccessful in using the Earthlink connection.

I called Earthlink to attempt to discontinue the service. I told the customer service person that I would consider the $167. charge on my credit card as charity and forget about it, however I wanted the account closed as NO ONE EVER WAS ABLE TO ACCESS THE INTERNET via Earthlink.

Now, one year later I have received a $21. 95 charge on my credit card after thinking that I successfully closed the account.

AND, I have been passed from one person to another and have been UNABLE to close this account. This is fraud. You are making charges on my credit card FRAUDULENTLY.

Please Help ME. I do NOT know what to do.

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  • Pe
      29th of Jun, 2007
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    EarthLink / Internet Provider - The worst customer service I have ever delt with
    United States

    I pay a payment on bill for internet service. I pay on time every month, all of a sudden they are refusing to pay a bill of 32.85 cents to internet provider for no good reason, so i have to pay earthlink separately to avoid having my service stopped.

    People beware!!!

  • Ja
      12th of Jul, 2007
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    I can't find how to pay my internet bill. How is this a working site if there are things that are unclear as this?

  • Ol
      23rd of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes - Beware of annual basis payments
    United States

    I disconnected there services long time ago, at least at November 2006. Today I found out they still continue to steal my money from my checking account through my debit card.

  • Ma
      23rd of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes - Beware of annual basis payments
    United States

    I subscribed June 13, 2007 to their high speed internet service. Due to circumstances, we later decided to move to a town 10 miles from here. I called earthlink to transfer the service and was told they do not have high speed internet in my new area. I asked to cancel my account and was told I would be charged the termination fee of $145. I said I thought it is unfair to charge that penalty fee when they do not have the same service available in the new location. Some one who said she is a supervisor told me that is earthlink's policy. I told her I was never informed of this when I signed up, and did not read in any of the information that the fee would be charged if the service could not be provided in the new location. She remained adamant, so I have to pay that fee. I went to their website and after scrolling down through many pages of legalese, found a few lines about terminating when moving - buried so far down that most people would not plow through it all - which earthlink likely knows. The legalese was designed to protect earthlink, not the consumer. I also had problems getting the proper tech help, and the speed was slow. I would not recommend earthhlink to anyone.

  • Pa
      23rd of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes - Beware of annual basis payments
    United States

    I have a business and have been down for 2 weeks with Earthlink. I have logged in over 20 hours and 7 tech 2 and 3 level service. Since they are renting lines from Bellsouth they try to blame the on and off connection on them. I have been disconnected and then have to repeat the same process again and again. Only 1 technician has actually called back. However, you can never move up to someone that has the authority to handle the call. They send all support overseas and these call centers just repeat the same thing over and over and don't listen to what the problem is about.

    I have had to get a router that will allow for 2 internet services until I can find one that is reliable. If anyone knows of any way to get the word out more about how terrible the service is then please let me know. Here they are putting out all of these other services. Oh and by the way I have been a earthlink customer since 1997 when it was mindspring. Of course that hasn't made any difference. Oh, and by the way I was told I could pay 129.00 a month and be guaranteed 99.9% uptime. REALLY. Bellsouth cost for business is 1/2 the price and guess what you can have someone live come and help you!!!

  • Ra
      27th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes - Beware of annual basis payments
    United States

    It was late June of this year 2007 that I signed up for Earthlink DSL. I was told the monthly service charge was $39.95 and that I would be able to use the equipment the company would ship to network all the computers in my home.
    When the DSL modem arrived I found out I needed to get a router... no one bothered to ship it with the modem. I had to make another call to request the equipment and then wait a few more days for it to arrive. Once the router arrived it took four calls to tech support and FIVE HOURS to get the equipment to work (easy to set up the company said).

    I finally was able to access my account today (more problems with that) and it has the date of service starting BEFORE I even called them for the service and then I am being charged not $39.95 a month but $99.95. I was told by customer support that to receive the $39.95 rate I would need to cancel my current plan and pay the cancellation fee of $149.95. I current have service that operates at 6.0 mps and the $39.95 service operates at 1.5 mps... but I did not sign up for ht e service at $99.95 a month. The company made the mistake, not me and now I am expected to pay for it. Suddenly that dial up service looks pretty good.

    Watch out for this company!

  • Pa
      2nd of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes - Beware of annual basis payments
    United States

    Beware. Do not pay your Earthlink service on an annual basis. If you cancel your account mid year, they will not refund the unused portion. The excuse is that it's a discounted rate. I don't see what that has to do with anything. I wonder how many people they have alienated permanently so they could pocket an extra eighty bucks or so from each.

    An honest business would refund the unused portion. I find it very petty that they feel the need to keep that balance. You'd think they'd be embarrassed.

    It used to be that dishonest companies could cheat many individuals, and none of them ever knew that they were part of a larger group- but with the internet, it will be harder and harder for them to get away with things like that. I see that there are many other complaints about Earthlink on various sites.

    Thank you for running this forum. Making it all very public should help.

  • Fu
      10th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    Earthlink is a money making machine. They have sold their sole to a network... I have inside information... 50 50.

  • Va
      19th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have been billed twice for cancellation charges for a service I never had due to what the tech rep said was "a problem with my computer not being able to access Earthlink." I had unfortunately given my credit card number to a representative over the phone... never received service and now they have charged me a cancellation fee twice for a non-existent account. I would never recommend this service because of their dishonesty. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau since, in my opinion, they are disreputable frauds.

  • Va
      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    Earthlink - The worst customer service I have ever delt with
    Earthlink Internet Service
    United States

    I called to set my dad up with internet service. They took the information and billed his credit card right away.

    First they tried to just turn on the box from there office and that did not work so they told us they would send someone out to look at the line. We missed 2 days of work waiting 2 different times for them to come out. No one showed up and no phone call.

    Finally I decided that they were not what I was looking for. This was 5 weeks after the first phone call, and trying to get through to them is next to impossible. "I am sorry, we are experiencing a high call volume. Call back later" click...

    So I shut it off and my dad keeps getting money taken out of his credit card. First it was because we were over our trial time. That was one of the funnier ones. Yes we were, that is how long it took you guys. They then billed us 12.95 for the service. Then they kept telling us that they never received our equipment back. Thank god we saved the UPS tracking. But every week we still got a notice that they did not receive the box and they will be taking $150.00 out of our credit card.

    Needless to say I am still calling every weekend. Going through the something, but with a different person. The outcome is always the same. " I am so sorry, we will straighten this out right away" I even have talked to supervisors that tell me this will be straighten out right away...but to no avail. If we did not save that UPS tracking they would of took $150 from us and there would of been nothing that we could of done.

    We finally go Roadrunner. They set it up the next weekend and we have not one problem since.

    I wish that someone would of warned me about EarthLink.

  • Do
      2nd of Dec, 2009
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    Earthlink - Worst customer service
    United States

    After receiving a call from Earthlink at the beginning of April for a home phone+ high speed internet service, I signed up. It's been almost a month, not only they haven't been able to switch me over to their service, but also now my phone service is cut, too, for the last two weeks. So, no phone service. I called 20-30 times, each time wasting hours on hold. I don't remember how many times I explained the situation, They outsourced their service to another foreign country, so it's either hard to understand what they say or they don't understand what I tell them.

    I recommend NOT even cosnsidering earthlink. They have the WORST!!! customer service, as well as WORST technical team.

  • 12
      9th of Dec, 2009
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    Earthlink - unauthorized charges
    United States

    I was charged for a norton antivirus by eathlink on my bill me later account. I did not want the service and I never used it and eathlink said I used it for 2 months and charged me for it. I have had their service since 2001 and I already have norton antivirus and have to shut it off everytime I go on line as the programs do not work together. I have called several times to have the charges removed and one operator was going to remove them until she spoke to her superviser. I have changed my service and hope to prevent anyone else from being overcharged by them. How can we shut them down?

  • Ro
      15th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    You can file a formal complaint with the FCC regarding this practice which is known as slamming. Also, contact your state's attorney general office - division of consumer affairs since this may constitute fraud and require Earthlink to reimburse everyone with an account with them that has experienced the same.

    Maybe you can generate enough complaints so a class action lawsuite will go thru. I have already filed an FCC complaint on At&T for overcharging minutes on my cell phone. They tried to talk me into dropping the complaint, but I didn't go for it. Instead, I told them that I will be in contact with the FCC and will continue to persue the complaint.

    These companies are doing this in an attempt to collect additional $$$ and figure that they can get away with it since not many people file formal complaints. We need to start bombarding the system so the regulators wake up and do their job.

  • Ri
      10th of Sep, 2010
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    Earthlink Internet Service - The worst customer service I have ever delt with
    Earthlink Internet Service
    United States

    This company provides web hosting to a web site that disseminates hate speech all over the web. The site is:

    Please, do not enter!!

    That is against their own Terms. I have made three claims this month and they didn't answer me.

    I'm tired to read hate speech on the Web. It's basic for the democracy the freedom of speech. However if each of us do not do anything to stop hate speech, we are going to become in an unjust society.

    I hope that the company reconsider their position. There is something call "corporete responsability".

  • Ha
      19th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes - Beware of annual basis payments
    United States

    MISLEADING!!! They offer to help you get a "professional" website up and running, built to "your specifications" and instead, they put together something that looks elementary at best, and do not even bother to follow the guidelines you laid out or even bother to make sure the information is correct!!! They even went as far as to put up a fraudulent "customer accolades" page with made up comments on it! And when I went back to them after this initial site was developed, per their request, with corrections that needed to be made, they showed me how I can change them! They published it with incorrect, incomplete, and fraudulent information and would not even unpublish it, let alone correct it! I had to take time (immediately) from my busy schedule to unpublish it to avoid embarrassment for our little company at a very important time for us. I feel completely ripped off! Know what you are getting yourself into here and don't expect much.

  • 2c
      26th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Same problem here, they refuse to cancel my service. Finally closed my credit card to stop bogus charges. Now they are calling me demanding payment. Just tell the lying turban top from India to buzz off!! hope he is reborn as a cockroach

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