Duracellvery frequent leaking batteries

I was always a big admirer of the Duracell. I always prefer to buy these expensive batteries over the cheap ones, just for the simple reason that they are long living and has some reputation of LEAK-PROOF.
I noticed first leak in the sealed pack itself. They were AAA batteries.
Then I saw leak in my remote AC. But I thought that because it was in basement and the conditions are a little harsh, may be thats why they leaked. But mind it that we use that remote almost 3-4 days a week.
Third instance I noticed them leak made me fume. I am watching my TV almost 350 days an year. Hardly few days are left without using my Plasma remote. One day the remote stopped working. To my surprise when I opened, the batteries in that remote were leaked completely. I have attached the picture of the same.
I really don't have any idea to how to sue these guys. The touch of the smart remote is now completely gone and is un-repairable. It will cost me ˆ5000.00 for that remote.
If anyone there is reading these complaints, I would like to request you to please take action and get me a compensation from them, so that they learn a lesson and do not put this crap in the market. It's a hard earned money with lot of difficulty, it hurts a lot.


Feb 16, 2015

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