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I contacted the Duke Energy Orlando office regarding transferring power to a different home I am purchasing. I have been a great customer, never paid late since starting service in January 2014 and therefore have no security deposit required or on account. I requested that both my current home and new residence have continuous power for 30 days, giving me time to move. Dukes policy is that you can only have 10 days of power at both, which is absolutely unacceptable! I moved in July 2016, had both residences powered by Duke for 30 days with no issues or additional deposit. In order to obtain power for more than 10 days at both residences, 1 must be a new service, requiring a $750 deposit. But, If I can move in 10 days they will transfer power and no deposite is required. I am on full disabilty and need to make renovations to the home prior to moving in. The 10 day transfer policy needs be changed immediately, Duke is being uncooperative and greedy with their customers.

Nov 17, 2017

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