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Our property in Avon Park, Florida was damaged by Hurricane Irma. It is understandable that we would be without power for over two weeks due to the severity of damages in our county (Highlands). I am, however, very disappointed with the way my elderly father's home was neglected for nearly three weeks now. Two weeks ago, I called to report down power lines all over my father's property. After this outage report, the lineman came out and restored power to our entire neighborhood. My father was informed, however, that they would not restore power to his property until we either cut down or hired someone to cut down all the trees which were covering the down power lines, which is extremely dangerous. Wanting to get power back as soon as possible, however, we went ahead and hired a contractor who was able to remove all the debris around the exposed wires and along the driveway and called Duke Energy back to have them come back out to restore power. The lineman came back out and are now stating that there is a bent wire that feeds electricity into the home and that they would prefer not to restore electricity until we hire an electrician to come in and fix the bent wire.
At this point, it is very frustrating to deal with this situation because there doesn't seem to be a clear solution to the problem. We simply wanted power restored and while I am very happy with the way the Duke customer service via phone has treated us, I am frankly appalled with the linemen's lack of sincerity towards my elderly father. They have not only put the contractors' lives in danger by having them trim trees around exposed wires but after completing what they asked of us, they are now giving us the run around once again and want us to pay out of pocket for an electrician to take care of an issue that Duke Energy could easily take care of themselves so that my father's home can have its power restored.
Not pleased, Duke Energy!

Sep 24, 2017

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