Duke Energy / no power 6 1/2 days after irma

Largo, FL, United States
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Am a resident of pinellas county, florida. We were told that power would be restored by this evening Friday midnight 9/15/17. Seems that Duke energy is completely not up to the task of keeping their word to its customers.. Our county was spared any major structural damages or loss of life yet many residents are sweltering in their homes this Friday night with another misthruth about having our power restored. Have lived in Florida over 30years & many storms. Have neve been mistreated & abused by any of our previous electric service providers... Dukes numbers, ' Damage Accesment'. & the rest of the misinformation needs to stop & Duke Energy needs to do their job now...Residents & customers deserve to be treated a whole lot better ... We demand service restoration in a resnable amount of time. Duke energy officials seem to be very incompetent ' numbering at about 500 office staffers we' ve been told'.

Sep 15, 2017

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