Duke Energy / failure to maintain their electric line right-of-way

Winter Park, FL, United States

Progress Energy used to come out every year to check and trim trees close to the power lines and poles. If you called them with a tree issue, they came out to trim and thanked you for letting them know.

A neighbor's oak tree had a branch overhanging the power line. It should have been trimmed long ago. Last year a storm blew it into the power line, the branch broke and the end connected to the tree caught fire. Fire department put out fire, but glowing embers continued to come out of this broken limb. Duke was called by at least 2 people; never came out.

Tree limb connected with a power line again about a month ago. Again, caught fire, smoked a few days...

Hurricane Irma comes along; when the power is restored THEN the branch gets cut and trimmed. I had trees in my backyard that should have been trimmed long ago; they hit the line during Irma. Alot of the damage I saw in my neighborhood could have been avoided if Duke would do their job and maintain their lines. Also the wooden utility poles are many times very old, splintering, or no longer firm in the ground.

Thanks Duke for making us feel like we live in a third world country when storms affect us!! You take our money, raise our rates, cheat us on our bills and provide absolutely no service at all.

Sep 19, 2017

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