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On or about 4/24/2017 We (me and my boyfriend) called to get power turned on at our residence located at 369 Carlisle Drive, Hendersonville. I was told it would be on 4/25/2017, When I arrived home the power was not on and when I called, I was told by Duke Power that it would be corrected the same day.
We left to run an errand and we received a phone call from a man that immediately stated “I know the power is on, she turned it on right where you said to turn it on at and it’s on” He did not identify himself, he was immediately defensive and loud, he then told us that “he would go and check it because he knows it’s on but he will be awhile because he is coming from Rutherford”, he sounded frustrated that he even had to call us and deal with the situation. When we got on the drive to the home the phone service dropped and he did say “you didn’t have to hang up on me”, I told him that we don’t get service on the drive that no one hung up on him. When we arrived at the residence ( 15 mins later) he was already there, I think he identified himself as “Matt”, he was driving a small white truck with Duke Contractor on the side of the truck, he had a beard, tattoo on his right hand and he was extremely rude to us, his telephone number is 238-2434. He told us that the power is on at the place it is supposed to be on and if it’s wrong then we would need to call Duke Power to have it changed. I ask if he could call the lady or maybe a supervisor that actually activated the power and tell her the situation since he was there on the property and could see how confusing the layout of the homes are, he advised me that he was the supervisor but he did call her and told the lady while I was standing there that “he has a lady freaking out about the power”. I ask why the told her that because that was untrue, he told me that it would make her turn it on quicker, I disagreed and told him that telling her that may make her not want to turn it on quickly if she thinks “I was freaking out”. He said he had to go that he had a family that he needed to get home to and he left but stopped at the end of the road and sat there talking for approximately 20 mins with our neighbors which happen to be family too. He finally left
On 4/27/2017 when we got home, he (Matt) was on the property as he was on 4/25/2017, I did not even want to talk to him or even ask what he was doing but he made a point to walk up to me and my boyfriend and tell us that “the people over there ( he pointed to my boyfriend’s family’s home)
had a lot of really really bad things to say about you” ( meaning my boyfriend), I just ask my boyfriend to leave and not listen because the family is estranged and do not get along at all.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Hendersonville, NC
I was very angry at this man for taking time to stop the first day he was there and discuss anything about our business with other people who happen to be estranged family members and the worst part is that he (Matt-the Duke Power contactor/supervisor) made a point to tell my boyfriend what was said about him.
I have never had anyone associated with Duke Power behave in such a bullying, disrespectful and rude manner, I have no doubt that he has done this before because he acted very deliberate and comfortable talking to us in a bullying and rude manner, the fact that he found it necessary to tell my boyfriend that his family talked badly about him was absolutely uncalled for and just mean.
I was wrong too because after he told me that, I told him (Matt) that when he leaves and stops to discuss our business with others to make sure to tell them to “kiss my [censor]”, that was rude on my part and I wish I would not have said that because I stooped to his level but I did say that to him because he seemed like he took pleasure in telling my boyfriend that bad things (really really bad) were being said about him. That was absolutely not necessary.
Main problems I observed:
*Matt did not want to be there and it was obvious by the way he spoke to us and said he had to get home to his family
*Matt told the lady (that was the one who supposedly activated the power) that he was with a lady freaking out (referring to me), that was an untrue statement but he said it would get her there quicker.
*Matt stopped at another residence on his way out and apparently this is when he was told negative things about my boyfriend. (Although he said he had to get home to his family but he found plenty of time to discuss our business with others on his way out)
*Matt made a point to tell my boyfriend that things were told to him (Matt) by my boyfriend’s family which included “they had a lot of really really bad things to say about you” (meaning my boyfriend).
*This man is a bully and very unprofessional and it’s scary to even think he is a supervisor. I hope he never comes back to 369 Carlisle Drive again.
*Matt telling my boyfriend that his family had really really bad things to say about him (meaning my boyfriend) has caused additional problems and animosity in the family
Desirable resolution:
I hope that Matt; the Supervisor gets additional training on professionalism and how to relate to customers and in the future does not discuss peoples business with others, he needs to tone down his arrogance and bullying behavior, he needs to refrain from passing information that is harmful, hurtful and has already caused more problems within the family.
Thank you for taking the time to read my compliant but I felt compelled to make a complaint due to the behavior of this man (Matt), I have never had such a bad experience with anyone associated with Duke Power until this incident.
Tracy Penland and Darron Carlisle
Phone: [protected]

Apr 28, 2017

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