Duke Energybilling charges from previous billing

S Jul 17, 2018

I am contacting about a previous bill from 2011. I called to stop service because I was moving out the house I stayed in stated to have service disconnected bc I was moving. Only been in the house 30 to 45 days. Stated it would be disconnected it was not disconnected per previous conversation till months later which is not right. I have been working with the collection department and once we get so far it gets transferred to another company. I called today to get more information on this issue but the representative Annette csr id 5313 which may not be true stated "it is what it is" when I stated to her was she serious about how she address the call she stated yes. She wasn't helpful at all more rude. I worked in customer service for over 30 yrs never once is that expectable. I'm asking questions to fix my issue to reestablish service with duke not be pissed which I should be from our conversation. She first stated it was an issue with PIP program that's why I Had a bill and that was the balance. The more we talk she then stated it wasn't turned off because the landlord didn't call to shut it off. Confused by the call I stated when does a landlord have to make a call to cancel service is the tenant is moving. She then states that if you Duke cant get a reading to the meter they wont turn it off, in that case I was being charged for some place I didn't live plus Duke did not stress landlord had to turn off service. Therefore I shouldn't be responsible for a bill where I didn't stay. if this was a PIP issue understandable but I was not told this and I need to know what the issue is. Customer service should not be this rude or not be knowledgeable about the service. I need a response are assistance with this with someone who can help and not be rude. I can be notified at [protected] with feed back. Thank you

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