Dubai First / unethical charges on credit card

United Arab Emirates

I had availed an easy cash loan on 14th February 2017 (AED 35000/- for three years - EMI of AED 1143.72/-)
To my surprise, when I got the first statement of accounts from Dubai First, there was an additional charges of AED 325.27/-
I approached the customer care of Dubai First and was told that it is an insurance (First Secure) and it will be active only when there is a transaction on my card.
(They hide the same while communicating with me regarding the above-said loan EMI)
I had requested to cancel the same and refund the amount since I neither request any service nor any service provided by Dubai first for the said amount.
I got a reply that the amount has to be paid before the pay by date; their management will decide in this regard and later the amount may be credited back to me.
I paid the same, hoping a prompt and just action from the company.

But I was startled when I got the second statement with a First Secure Charges of AED 316.41/-
At this instance, I talked to their customer service and asked for the complaint manager's e-mail address and very clearly declined by the executive.

I continued to pay the EMI very promptly till date. But too dissatisfied with the transaction.
Highly appreciable if you can return the amount that was collected without any justification.

Ajith GK

Sep 16, 2018

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