Dubai First / not getting 1st statement and insurance charges and interest and penalty reversal / refund

United Arab Emirates

Dear Sir,

Pl. note that I did not got my 1st statement and I am getting charged of interest.

I called several times to customer care. They says that we have send the statement. But it has not received at all.
Also customer care person are useless irresponsible persons saying I shall register myself for the bill. it is my responsibility.

This is frustrating.
Also Sales person are taking sign while giving the card but I was unaware of insurance which I found in the bill. 1st month bill insurance is they are saying now complimentary which shall be refunded but it has not processed yet. Also I called on 9th of January to cancel the insurance. they are saying that it required 6 days to update and in 2nd statement also insurance bill has came. this shall be refunded as I called on 9th itself to cancel the insurance whereas bill is generating on 12th of Jan 2019.
Also all this happening because I did not got the 1st statement and unaware of the insurance.

Hence the interest which is appearing on January and now will be in February shall
be refunded.

All the 3 problem are related to not getting 1st statement. Also I have cancelled insurance on 9th of January. So insurance fees shall be refunded.

Sells persons while giving card telling that we will give you good service and all and once they give card even not taking call single time. I am really frustrated.

Below is also a irresponsible manager even not taking calls also, He asked to send my credit card details, and told that I will look into the matter and will try to help you however after called several times, he never receives the call.

Venugopal Ethiraj | Sales Development Manager | Dubai First
Direct: +[protected] | Ext: 8312 | Mobile : [protected]
P.O. Box 111656, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Customer Care people simply denies for the refund saying its my responsibility to register for getting bill and all.
This is frustrating.

I really got horrible frustrating experience and unnecessary deducting insurance fees as well which I did not wish to take.

I have given reference of Dubai 1st to several people in my office and Now it seems I should inform them about the Dubai 1st horrible service.

Kindly look into the matter and refund my insurance fees, late payment charges, and interest fees.
Thanks and Regards,
Mukund Kudkar

Feb 05, 2019

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