Dubai First / harassment

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I have traveled for a month on business and missed the deadline on my monthly payment, I have been called 15 times a day plus messaging and emailing to my private email address as well as my business address, they have also called my company in Dubai and in Doha, when I received the first call I explained that I was on business in Doha for a month, I was told I should have paid the bill before I left, it should have been the main thing on my mind!! Dubai First then told me I could pay in a UAE Exchange which I tried to do but because I am on a tourist visa they could not carry out the transaction, I even gave them the name and number of the person in the UAE Exchange to confirm this, I was then told I could make a swift transaction and they emailed my the details, again I was told at the bank I could not do this as I do not have a local bank account, Dubai First called me and basically called me a liar so I walked back to the bank and made the bank manager speak to them to prove I was not lying, finally after four days of total Harassment, I received a call from a debt collecting agency who I have paid, I have had one day of silence and today Dubai First are back on my case emailing me and calling me as I have a Februarys payment outstanding, they do not consider peoples situations and seen to take complete delight in total harassment!!!

Feb 22, 2016

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