Dubai First / credit card restructure

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I have a credit card which I have been paying for over the last year and recently came across urgent challenges in my home country which needed my immediate intervention. This has prevented me from making my usual monthly payments which I had been making towards my credit card.
Now I have requested for a payment restructure so as to meet or make the minimum payment which I can afford. I spoke to a certain Mr Siddiq from collections and when I informed him I needed to restructure my payments he told me to come into any branch of dubai first to submit my forms after the 21st of July 2018. On the 22nd of July I went to the Dubai First branch in Burjuman where I was told that I was at an incorrect branch I should go to Mirdif branch. Mr Siddiq failed to inform this to me, I would have gone directly there as this branch is next to where I live.
Upon leaving burjuman branch I received a call from Siddiq informing me to come meet him at the Mirdif branch and I told him I would definitely come in the afternoon the following day as I have to be at work early morning.

Next day on 23rd I made my way to Mirdif from the office and on the way I kept calling Siddiq to no answer, only at around 5:30pm he answers and I inform him I'm about to reach to my surprise I must only come the next morning as the managers not available I think he mentioned.
Next morning I start there early, 9am I'm there. I call him and he does not pick my calls. Spent more than an hour waiting at the foyer for him to reply back. Only for him to reply late afternoon and requesting me to come the next day. So indeed I went back the next day and when I got there imhe informed me that actually he is in a meeting and He then referred me to Saher Khan whom he said I should meet whilst waiting for him. She indeed took all my documents and details for processing. There I was believing after all these run around I had been assisted. Siddiq eventually came, so now I was being assisted by two representatives.
Which I was happy/relieved with.
I signed everything and submitted the necessary documents for the payment restructure and was to wait for a response.
A few days passed, then one week, follow up and no reply. Two weeks, 3 weeks passed and still no word and no reply from Siddiq's number. I sent him a text on WhatsApp and his response was that my application had been rejected. So I asked why. He replies Saher Khan will give me a call and explain. And I requested her number so I can do the follow up myself. When I called her no one was picking up the land line and days went by still no answer even after leaving a voice mail.
A week later I receive a call from Saher asking me when I'm going to make the outstanding payment. I asked her what was the reason my application was cancelled she told me she doesn't know where or what happened to my forms and the application was already passed the due date etc...I was appalled by the manner at which the banks representatives handled this whole situation. I did not face any challenge with CBI and I have already made the first restructured payment and both applications were submitted together around the same time, yet Dubai First keeps giving me the run around and keeps harassing and abusing me with their threats of legal action meanwhile I am the one who voluntarily walked into their offices requesting the restructure so as to have a clear credit record. It seems they are unwilling to settle this matter. And continue to send mails and sms' of legal threats. Now they are threatening to use the very Cheque I made for the payment restructure against me. This is abusive of clients rights to pay, and misusing the very Cheque I had made for a payment restructure is ABUSIVE AND DECEITFUL.

This bank is not transparent, it is deceitful, and abusive towards its clients.

Aug 17, 2018

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