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Warsaw, Poland

On 20 of September 2014 I had a flight from Dubai to Poland (Warsaw) through the Vienna (Austrian Airlines) I was at the airport near passport control two hours earlier. The flight I had at 1:40 am because of the large crowd, a large queue and very slow service I was at the gate before 1:40 am but They closed it before my nose. They said that the plane is still standing and They didnt let me go to the plane.

In the queue at passport control I reported that I have just my flight (the airport is large and I have to reach to my gate) and they should pass me before another passengers or divided queue for passengers who have a faster and later flight. They didnt listen me and they told me that I should stand in line and wait. By this I had to buy a new second ticket for $ 500 Ukraine Airlines at 3:20 am. Ticket number [protected].

Also I reported this situation to the airlines, but they indicated to me that this is not the fault of the airlines but airport fault, and I should contact with the airport in Dubai about this compensation. At the airport there was a large queue, everything went very slowly, I reported it, but the service passport did not care about it. If I passed in front of the other passengers, who had later flight for sure I could catch my plane on time. I am Polish and I fly to Dubai but it is a first time I have a situation like that. First time I have seen the lack of incompetence on the part of service Dubai International Airport. I thought that dubai airport is the best and know how to treat permanent passnegers and customers and I don't want to change my mind about it.

I write my complain on this email because I got it on the website of Dubai International Airport (chat).

I would like to ask about a compensation and reimbursement of my expenses associated with buying a new ticket - (500 dollars).

I had an electronic ticket and all my data is in your computer.

I look forward to hearing from you asap.

Justyna Kornaszewska - email : justyna.[protected] - please answer on my email.

Feb 6, 2017

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