DUdo not get du! etisalat is better.

This is my first year with DU, and can't wait to get out of the contract so I can switch back to Etisalat. I relocated my apartment in the same building, took them 4 days to visit. Connected me to the internet without my landline making outgoing calls. The technicians says you will get a follow up call and then it will ve activated. NOT YET ACTIVATED! Now I can't connect to my wifi routers. DU customer service reps will not solve any issues on call - they raise a ticket, which in these last 9 months I have 20+ tickets and then you wait 24 hours for a reply, in their systems everything is working fine. So you email them again, and waste 48 hours. I was attracted for the low price but i'd rather pay more to Etisalat than have a peace of mind.

Nov 26, 2018

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