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DriveTime / Poor service

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I bought a truck with my girlfriend from drivetime here in Arizona. We went to drivetime and bought a 2002 Ford ranger pick up truck. For 13, 056 and we have paid on it for eight months and we still owe 12, 500. The percentage rate is 49%. Can they do that? They put the truck in my girlfriends name and I am the one with the driver's license. Have you ever heard of such a thing? The truck needed to be repaired within the first 30 days of ownership. The warranty covered it. It has been ok since. What I am pissed at, is that drive time scared my 82 year old mother by trying to get her to give them her banking info. They threatened to take our truck when I was only a half a payment later.

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  • El
      15th of Jul, 2008
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    My comment is not so much towards financing which I am sure I probably paid way to much for my car. My complaint is that my car is still under warrenty. I drove off the lot maybe about a month later my check engine light came on...Okay GAS prices first of all are outragious, so needless to say I needed to save up some money because it is a $40 diagnostic fee to see what is wrong with the vehicle...Well it's now 4 months not only has my check engine light come on, but I have lost my a/c compressor (had a leak), needed a gas cap, spark plugs, spark wires, camshaft position sensor, and a major tune up. Drive Time says the only thing that they were willing to cover is the a/c compressor (thank god cause that is 1200$ alone) so needless to say I called argueed and finally they were will to throw in the camshaft position sensor(which makes my car start, major problem) and the gas cap considering it shouldn't of corrodid within 4 months. Anyway I have been getting the run around from this company. So then I call and ask what the 53 point inspection includes and they can't tell me that either all they can tell me is the recon center does it and then on there website it tells me to call this 1-800# that just gets me no where...Well its a good thing I saved some money cause now I am forking out 75$ instead of 40$ I really can only say is DRIVE TIME IS A COMPANY THAT MAKES A LIVING OFF OF SCREWING PEOPLE OUT OF MONEY AND A CAR!!! I could of went to toyota or any other dealer ship with my money and got a decent car under warrenty without the frustration...I will never purchase a car again through DRIVE TIME and will let everyone know HOW DRIVE TIME SCREWED ME OVER!!!

  • Li
      29th of May, 2009
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    Yeah, this is what Drivetime does. They will harass you for a dollar if that's what you owe. Whether it's hundreds or thousands of dollars, or even a few dollars, they will harass you the same. I think this company is taking a good concept...helping out people who need it, and using it against them later on down the line.

  • Sg
      11th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    To all of you, "Please check text spelling before submitting a comment"

    I have read all of your complaints, and I am disgusted with all of you. Grow up, quit complaining, and accept that you have bad credit. Bad credit doesn't allow you to be picky. Be happy that someone is allowing you to ride in a vehicle that they own.

    [censor], you customers are so stupid.

  • Br
      4th of Nov, 2010
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    The reason why a lot of people come to DriveTime is because they are in the same position that I'm in, they don't have credit. I am 20 years old and its time for me to get a new car, my parents what me to take on the payments myself and i have no problem with that. It's just that i have NO CREDIT because I dont have a credit card or any loans. I don't start paying my student loans off until i am done with school. And all because you have bad credit doesn't mean you have to shut up and not complain when your getting screwed over. so "sgfsfsdf" you need to find something better to do with your life then you put people down, it doesn't make you cool.

  • Rm
      27th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    i feel just because you have bad credit doesnt mean your a bad person, circumstances can lead to bad credit, in my case i did it all. i didnt pay my bills and my credit is bad. You still dont take advantage of people because, if youre going to mark up the car, give a decent interest rate, if youre going to have a high rate dont mark up car that much. drivetime is bad about both, i knew my rate was going to be high and the car was over priced, but its the price you pay for decisions you made in past. i will tell you this, if you can by a DT car any other car lot in the nation should finance you just on a!

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