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Drive Time - Phoenix / They are out to suck you dry they change their likings so beware!

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Drive Time car dealer Phoenix. I have a couple that bought a car from drive time they got behind on payments ,they would calll my house so i decided to put my name on contract and change name on title only, the main office said they would do that and i would need to bring it up to date to do that so i did , they told me at the main office in chandler i could pay 250.00 a month ,so i sent them 250.00 on the 1st.of the month then they call and say im late that i need to pay more ,so i made another agreement that if i would give them a check by phone on the 1st of october i could come in by the 13th to redo contract and pay monthly ,but a week after the 1st they call and say they made a human error and i had to give them 18.00 dollars and if i didnt pay it then they wanted 260.00 from the ones that i was helping, so i made anothetr agreement with them that i would pay 250.00 each month plus 100.00 every friday ,then they call up and tell me i cant do that that i was behind on payments , i also have recorded some of the conversations with them which i had their permissin to do ,the last time they call i asked to talk to the person i talked to on the day before i was informed by another person that he quiot ,so the othe day the guy that was suppose to have quit called and i told him that i was tod he quit then he informed me that the person that told me dont work there, i would not recomend anyone to bye from them they are rude on phone they laugh at you cuss you. They are out to suck you dry they change their likings so beware!

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  • El
      28th of Dec, 2007
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    i bought a jeep in phoenix at drive time 3 or 4 months ago. our pos park ave wasn't gonna make it anywhere. i have a job where i travel ever 2 months. i had to get a vehicle in phoenix. we traded in our pos buick. they gave us 800$ for that pos we were thrilled. it was only running on 5 cyclinders and over heating. we found a 2000 jeep grand. we bought the jeep. a couple weeks later up around payson it 56 degrees found that the heater on the passenger side blows only cold air. we in formed drive time as soon as we got cell signal. they said to take it where ever and they will pay to fix it. we wouldn't need the heater till we got back to michigan. then it's the week we have to leave phoenix to go to houston tx and we still have a paper plate gonna expire in 2 weeks. we call drive time they send us up to the m.v.d. we wait in line for 2 hours. with our 3 year old. we get to the counter and the park ave is still in sara's name and drive time hadn't transfer the info yet. mvd gave me a 90 day temp nonresident plate. so we figure we will get a michigan plate when we get home. we go to houston and ever time i make a sharp turn the rear end would chatter. talking with a buddy about it he tells me when you change the differental fluid on a jeep alot of jeeps need slip lock added. well i add the slip lock and the noise went away instantly. we got a week off and decide we'd go home for thanksgiveing week. well were comeing home to michigan the roads get worse were hearing something clink in the front end. plus the door seals at the corners leak air all four doors which drive time had replaced all the body seals and changed all fluids before we got it. well that noise is were the bushings are worn out at the top of my shock towers. we call drive time hey will we be able to get a plate in michigan. they say yes and it should only cost 15$ just send or fax them the receit. we go into secertary of state and they can't find our vin/vehicle in the system. i call drive time irate i tell albert i want a plate or they can come get there peice in the local impound and will take you to court and fight the whole way. well he got off his ### and fax the ### i needed. i got a michigan plate on our jeep which cost us 165$ MI goes by orginal resale value of vehicle and deperchation for plate priceing. i'm home for a month on vacation. i get up this morning 34 degrees start the jeep low coolant indicator beeping yeah i got a hose leak. so were gonna take it to drive time in ann arbor mi and gonna get all these problems fixed for free even though our warrenty is expirered some time ago but they all were things that were wrong before our warrenty expirered. and takeing 165 $ off this next payment for our plate. and giveing us a loner while they fix everything on our jeep or they will have hell to pay. or will take them to court under az lemon law. will let you know how it goes

  • Di
      29th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    After working there for a short time, I can tell you it's all true. They are iut to screw every person that walks in the door. I wouldn't work there again if the paid me six figures. I had to work 10 hr shifts and they insisted that I stay after to deal with customers and I had to ask them if I could leave, go to the bathroom, go to lunch or basically anything. Supervisors were all power tripping ###s that insisted everything be done their way, but when you comply, they say you're doing it wrong, or make up some other nonsense. All for a crappy $31, 000 a year (bachelor's degree required). All the cars are junk, they go to an incompetent mechanic that doesn't fix the cars and rips them off on parts. The whole scam is to exploit people with bad credit. More like "scamtime". I worked in McAllen tx. But my manager was from the Phoenix store. I guess he sucked over there so they sent his lame ### to suck over here. Don't buy from Drivetime

  • Mz
      21st of Aug, 2018
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    DriveTime Automotive Group - Cars are not reliable
    United States

    I bought a car from DriveTime a year ago my axles broke on me while driving and my mechanic told me that the whole car seem to be water damaged due to the tire rods axles etc .

  • Dn
      14th of Oct, 2018
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    DriveTime Automotive Group - DriveTime and bridgecrest
    United States

    Drive time sucks just like bridgecrest got warranty for car that they won't even fix, not to mention I'm over $10, 000 upside down I can't even refinance plus check engine light and airbag light on got charge $100 to take my car to be looked at just to tell me it's my coils but once I fixed it myself still cuts off and shakes

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