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I have a car loan with drive time in mesa az, I am 18 days past due on my account i called to make arragments to not pay 1 payment but 3 payments. At 18 days past due I was not allowed to speak due to the so called rep on the phone demanding A payment by Saturday, I tried to explain my siuration and Fran as I was told was the rep's name that so rudley hung up on me but before he did he said "we will go ahead and pick up the car" then hung up on me. I called back to see if I needed to clean out my unit, and was told yes unless I made arrangements, I told Tim who I was speaking to this time was what i was trying to do before Fran hung up on me. Tim was happy to take my payment not 1 payment but 3, I work for a car finance company and repo a car over 18 days is absurd in these times today. Bad buissness Is what I have to say. Yes my credit is bad, but is it really nessacary for these types of tatics to and NOT to be treated like a human. I am going to do all I can to get out from under this loan. Yes they are sweet and nice when you go for help, but after that watch out people out there just trying to survive, My advise is to not purchase a car from this company. Dont be the fool I was, worse mistake of my life. And with any luck at all I will get out of this loan soon. they have given my information to ref's which by the way is not following guide lines. I have a daughter that works for this company 49 days to 90 and they are not allowed to even mention repo, Not only do Front end collectors for this company treat you like the scrum of the earth but do they really want the piece of junk they are having me pay for BACK!!! HONESTLY IT WOULD BE MY PLEASURE TO GIVE THIS BACK AND JUST FILE BK. I WISH I COULD CONTACT EVERYONE IN THIS COUNTRY AND TELL THEM, BIG BIG MISTAKE IF YOU PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY.


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      Aug 21, 2009

    Ok, your are just another idiot. Try paying your car note on time for once and they wouldn't call you. It doesnt matter what your situation is, when you signed the contract, you promised to make your payments on time. It is not the fault of the finance company that you are not able to repay them for the money they let you borrow.

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      Nov 23, 2009

    I currently have a car from Drivetime and I'm trying to get them to take it back. I believe that they lied on their CARFAX and if I got the real one I would have never bought that piece of junk car. It is not the finance company that calls you at all its the dealership and they ### you out until they hear they are gonna get some money. I understand its a used car and things go wrong and break down but 3 weeks in the starter gave out the headlights dont work cant use the air conditioning makes engine overheat the brakes are gone and now its dead in a parking lot wont start and i cant afford to find out whats wrong.Please dont go to Drivetime save your money for a while longer and go someplace else.Thanks for letting me vent.

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      Jul 29, 2010
    drive time corp - Vehicle
    Drive Time Corp
    United States

    This compnay lies and lies and covers each other wrong doings. I will call the media. I will call everyone I know to resolve the issues.

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      Sep 20, 2011
    drive time corp - This company lies and lies and covers each other incorrect doings
    Drive Time Corp
    United States

    This company lies and lies and covers each other incorrect doings. I will call the media. I will call everyone I know to resolve the issues.

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