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Bought a car from drive time had it 3 month called them the trans.was going bad they were going to take care of it.The did nothing till trans went out they told me to take it to repair shop. had to have it towed to it. They were looking for a trans. for it each time i called them they said still lookin the finally i found out the sold the car and want to charge me 13thousand dollars for what was owed after sell. Idid not give them the car back they just sold it instead of fixing it.I had they car 6months and 10 days so there warrenty was up they said. they sell lemons to the public


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      Dec 20, 2012

    I'm in the middle of a similar issue. I haven't even had my vehicle for 30 days and it is already in the repair shop!! The warranty department is also giving me a hard time. They gave me a rental only after I asked for one since the repair shop is stating that it will be few days before they will finish the work. Get this, the rental they offered, id a two door, two seater economy sized vehicle with no back seat. I have a daughter that uses a car seat. how is she supposed to ride with me safely? I caontacted them back ans advised them of this. They told me they are the only vehicle's they pay for and if I need something with a back seat, I had to come out of pocket for it! I am so discussed with this awful warranty department. They need to update or correct their procedures!!! On top of that, no one has even apologized for selling me a car that had to be in the repair shop less than 30 days after purchase.

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