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Drive Time / Terrible prices!

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I needed to find a reliable vehicle, and with not having very good credit, was kind of limited on where I could go. I was pre-approved by drivetime, and was contacted by them, and made an appointment with a manager on a saturday at 10 am. I get there, and this appointment with the manager is a handshake, and sit me down with a salesman.

Comes to find out I was not really pre-approved. I had to do another application. I came prepared with all the documents they requested, and after a half hour of waiting, they told me I was approved for 4 of the cars on the lot. 2 04 Chevy Malibu's, a 04 Pontiac Grand Am, and a 05 Ford Taurus.

I wanted to take a good test drive of all the vehicles. I am a decent heavy diesel mechanic, and wanted to get a feel for any problems with the cars. Drove the taurus, brake master cylinder was shot. Car would barely stop, petal goes all the way to the floor. Even after this, the salesman kept pushing me to buy this one, which was the most expensive I was qualified for.

Was going to test drive the Grand Am, but AC did not work. Didn't bother. Next was to the malibu's. Both were identical years, models, color. The one I test drove was a little more expensive, but in worse shape. 85k miles on a 4 year old car, not much power, exhaust LOUD, burn holes all over the car, smelled bad, you name it. I test drove that one, wanted to test the identical one, but when I got back, the identical one was 'sold'. (drove by a week later, and BOTH cars were still there).

Then came to the negations. Or lack there of I should say. They showed me some off brand car history report, and everything came back fine. Then showed me the preliminary price offer, which he wanted me to sign no questions asked. I think not. 14k for that car was high. I said I did not think it was fair that this car in worse condition than the other is higher priced, and wanted to negotiate the price, to which I was told that the prices are firm, and the prices are set on how much they are picked up at auction. AH-HA. I asked him 'Oh, you get your cars from Adesa Auctions? They are one of my customers.' and he said yes.

Adesa Auto Auctions sells a lot of used rental cars, corporate fleet cars, and trades from other car dealerships. The red light in my head went off. 4 year old car, 85, 000 miles on it... used rental car or used fleet car! Considering they had identical color, model, year, more than likely, used rental car. Now, they're history report said nothing of the sort like that, but all the pieces fit.

At this point I wanted to leave. I told him that I want to do a separate car-fax report, get quotes on insurance, and double check my financial situation, and would call him back later in the day. He logged me onto a computer in the office and told me to do it there, and he would be back in a few minutes, also told me (more like ordered) to give him my debit card to put a 300 hold on the car, which I said no, not until I find out what I need to find out. He played the 'another customer is wanting that car' game, but I was firm. He closed the door to the office, and I was getting annoyed, so I was going to get up and leave, but the door was LOCKED!

I banged loudly on the door, and yelled at the salesman 'Open this [censored]ing door in 5 seconds or I am going to break the glass and open it myself. He didn't move until I went for his metal desk name plate. He opened the door, and I walked to the door, trying to catch up to me. Nearly had to push him aside.

Went with another company, which happens to be on rip-off also, but had a much better experience. I still get called by drivetime all the time at work on my cell, telling me to drop by, even though I bought a 99 Ford F250 Superduty 4x4 with an International DT444E (ford 7.3L powerstroke), 3000 LESS than that little chevy mailbu, and in much much better condition.

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  • Su
      25th of Jun, 2009
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    You did the right thing. Run, dont walk, away from these people. I have never been to one but I have read horror story after horror story about them.

  • Co
      4th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    The Vehicles prices on the lot are set and can not be altered... The corporate office sets them and the dealership has no control over the prices of the vehicles. I am sure that you feeling pushed to buy the most expensive car on the lot was all in your head because in all actuality it doesn't make a difference to the sales associate how much the price is! The sales associates and managers don't get paid more if they sell a higher priced vehicle like most car dealerships... so it really doesnt benefit them in any way to sell you the expensive one. So I'm sure it was a misunderstanding. Also, I don't think it was planned to lock you in an office because you would have to come out eventually so what would it help for them to lock you in. As for the car history report, The dealership uses Experian and that is a well known company. Look it up! DriveTime is a company helping people with bad or no credit get good cars. There is much better than regular car companies that have second chance finance that requires you to have 5000 down and a GPS in you car that shuts your car down if your late. The prices and interest might be a little high... but what do you expect... all of the customers are high risk.

  • An
      18th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    this is pertaining to your comment on the gentleman that was locked in the office. first it seems u have little or no commensense (which is spelled wrong) or maybe your an employee. so unless u have bought a car from drive time, and are completely happy with your purchase, u shouldn't comment on what u think happened with that gentleman's experience was with d.t. it boils down to "u weren't there !!!

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