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Seatle WA, US
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While playing DDC on my Ipad, I hit a big win and the second it hit, my screen went white and it was thrown out. This happens often on my ipad and other friends as well. When it came back up, it had not paid me my win. I took a screenshot of it and sent my problem to Double Down, hoping to get me win from them... this is what they sent me...

Richard (DoubleDown Casino)

Dec 4, 09:45 PST

I'm sorry to hear that you may have missed out on a payout. That would obviously be immensely frustrating. We constantly test our games to ensure the highest quality experience for our players, and we have not encountered an instance where a payout fails to add properly.

Unfortunately, in this case, to prove that something had gone wrong, we would need a series of full-size screenshots or even a video capture.

In the future, if you believe you have encountered an error in the game, we recommend closing the browser window and relaunching. If you would like to report an issue that you are able to reproduce, please provide video so that we can be clear on the error.

We're sorry for any inconvenience, and we wish you the best of luck in the casino.

I've Spent over $1000 of my real money buying Chips from them over the years and this is what I got!!! I'm so SICK of this company ripping people off. Just read their reviews!!! ALL BAD

Dec 04, 2016

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