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Dear Sirs,
I had a reservation for a compact at Dollar Rent A Car. The reservation was #[protected]. The reservation was done and paid to RentalCars.
I had many problems when I went to Atlanta Int. Airport to get the car. They didn't have any compacts available at that moment so they forced me to accept a larger car under the arguments that the compact I had a reservation was too small and the bags I had (one bag) would not fit the car and there were many 8-wheeler cars on the roads. No matter what I said, the assistant kept forcing me to accept a larger car. In the end, I just accepted that because of his insistence.
But the problem didn’t stop there. He said I didn’t have full insurance. I told him my insurance was full and he said I would have to pay for total insurance, which was not true, because I had already paid for that.
He also said I would have to pay for the tolls in Florida, since I was going to Florida. He said I would have to pay for fines if I didn’t accept the insurance. And it was a lie! I would never be fined if I just paid for the tolls on toll sites.
The total of the pre-paid rental was about US$ 280. The total of extras I had to pay was US$ 453.40.
I left Atlanta and drove to Orlando. The same day I contacted RentalCars about all the extras (RoadSafe, PPP, APCONRGFee, and the tolls). I was informed I had to wait until returning the car in order to have my complaint processed.
I returned the car, contacted RentalCars and they just told me they could not do anything for me.
Dollar Rent A Car was also contacted. It’s been weeks since the due time for them to reply has passed. I even contacted them a second time and they haven’t made any contact.
All I want is for them to cancel all the extras and refund me.
Best wishes,

Marcos Evandro Cintra

Jun 22, 2013
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  • Gl
      Jul 04, 2014

    I had exactly the same experience happened to me in Dollar Rental Car Atlanta Airport Georgia. I had reserved an economy car through Hotwire, paid for 4 days and when I presented myself at the desk they told me that they only had Smart Cars for the category I had purchased. I refused to accept the Smart Car, so they said I had to pay for an upgrade, that will cost me $20 dollars a day. So I said no way, I want to see your cars in the garage. They tried to dissuade me saying that it will take me too long... just an excuse so I would not go. I went there and the man in charge show me where all the economy cars they had and sure enough there were many normal 4 doors cars in fact almost all the cars were of a normal size. So I chose a Nissan 4 doors, perfectly normal car. Then they intimidated me with the insurance. If there was a problem they will not speak to my insurance, they will charge my credit card directly. So tired of finding lack of cooperation, I accepted a $25 dollar a day for the insurance, stupid of me because I have Geico insurance and I do not need to take another one. I do not recommend Dollar to anyone, they abuse the costumers.

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  • Ju
      Aug 22, 2014

    This happen to me as well, I've booked a compact through Orbitz and when I arrived to Atlanta airport at night and ready to pick up the car, it was almost 10:30 p.m, the sales person first try to convince me to purchase their insurance, i told him i have full coverage already than he ask me to get the "basic" which wont cost me a lot, and when I about to sign the card, it shows $480, i asked him what is that, he said thats tax and fee and the basic plan, than i told him i don't need their basic plan and i believe all tax and fee already prepay, i refuse to sign the agreement and than he told him there is no compact car for me, I need to upgrade to whatever they have at that moment, and they only have SUV left and it will cost me few hundreds bucks can they run business like this??i am so disappointed and i will never rent a car from them anymore.

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