Dollar Generalthe interior and exterior of store.

I shop at the local dollar general every week. I choose to shop there for the prices and its either there or the IGA. It just seems that every time I go, I do not enjoy it. The exterior is always dirty. Granted, the parking lot is shared with other businesses but the employees of DG are always outside smoking by the front door, and they feed stray cats so they are always by the door waiting for food. I understand they place outdoor items on the sidewalk for purchase (pools, patio furniture etc) and clearance items also, but at least make it a little bit easier and cleaner for the customers to be able to browse the items. Now on to the interior. Today I made the decision to shop at the DG and not FoodLion to do some shopping for groceries and household items. When I walked in, there were no buggies. I walked all around the store and I counted 4 that had stuff in them that were just sitting down different isles and 1 that was by the restrooms. There were only 2 employees working. One on the register and one that was sitting in a patio chair for sale smoking cigarette. I had the intention of spending my hard earned money there but I was limited since I had to use a handheld basket. The store is always a mess. There is no organization and I cannot imagine an elderly person able to move around in the store very easily with all of the tripping hazards. I am not trying to complain but I know if I feel this way, there has to be others. My family and I shop there for the prices and for a quick experience but the line is sometimes 5 people long with a few items. The employees are in no hurry to get you checked out. I enjoy being able to browse the isles and look for items that I cant find anywhere else but again, it's difficult when there are no buggies and the isles make it impossible to get thru. I have been shopping there for 5 years and it is getting out of control. I shop there for groceries, toiletries, home décor, seasonal items, little items for a family member and even some Christmas shopping. Please do not let this fall on deaf ears. Thank you.

May 01, 2017

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