Disneylandservice animal not recognized as a "disability"

While my family and I was a guest at Disneyland and California adventures, we had by far the worst experience ever. We have a 4 year old Lab, a Diabetic Alert Dog, for our Type 1 Diabetic son. It was extremely warm from May 18-20 and we had everyone trying to pet our animal along with the heat, it was tough. While on the Disneyland side, we were allowed to get return times, to come back and access certain rides and even some rides had kennels for our dog, then we came back to same rides and they would not accommodate. Really? Why the change? Then, some rides would not gives us return times because it was too crowded, sorry we had to wait like everyone else. They didn't care that we had service animal.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Anaheim, CA Gee thanks, we went to city hall to ask what options we had and they made a few suggestions(didn't help), didn't seem to understand that our dog can't stand on hot ground in heat, even with pad protection on.
Here comes the kicker, we we went to California Adventure side and asked for return times, and they said our service animal is not considered a disability! Oh, so we have to wait like everyone else, so we went to talk to supervisor and he said same thing, sorry your not a disability, and don't get return times. I explained how dog needs shade and it's hot on pads, his response was sorry. He looked at person behind me, next. Didn't give a crap!
Back to city hall, nothing, no reimbursement, we bought a hopper pass, not one ride at that side on California Adventures, they would not reimburse us. They make a ton of money everyday, they should be ashamed for treating us that way, we aren't trying to work the system, just avoid overheating our dog, thanks Disney, we're boycotting you...

May 30, 2017

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