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Disney Channel"my babysitter is a vampire" movie


I am furious about the content of a movie that the Disney channel just recently aired. I trusted the Disney Channel to premiere age appropriate shows for my children. Instead, Disney airs a Friday night movie that should have been aired on HBO called “my babysitter is a vampire”, which was pretty graphic for the age of my children who are 6 and 10! I forbid my children to even watch Teen Nick, let alone something as graphic as this movie; people getting bit, stabbed in the forehead with a fork, darts shot in the eye, and people getting killed!!! This was a disturbing movie for my children and Disney should be ashamed of their selves for premiering a movie like that without any type of viewer discretion advisory!!! Disney should be the one channel I can trust to let my children watch in the comfort of their room without me having to wonder if what they are watching is inappropriate!!


  • St
    Starconstellation 15 Jul 29, 2016

    Yeah it shows DORAEMON THE WHOLE TIME they should start showing the older international shiws disney is just not same now DORAEMON is getting boring they dont even bother adding new episodes but repeat the same
    They have to show

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  • Mo
    Monica varma Jul 29, 2016

    Disney channel must air shows that inculcate morale in the children. I'm extremely annoyed at the show doremon that is currently being played thoughout the day. The behavior of the characters in the cartoon do not set a good example to the children. To make it worse, it happens to be the only show that is aired from morning till night, only with phineas and ferb coming as a break, occasionally.

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  • rowan8463 Dec 28, 2012

    All Disney is trying to do is keep the tween audience entertained! Why do you think they have 3 Disney channels. Disney is more for tweens now like 10-14, Disney Jr. is for younger kids like 1-5, and Disney XD is trying to keep it an all around channel ages 6-12.
    Were sorry or atleast I am that you have issues with what your kids watch! If you care so much turn on parental controls.

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  • An
    Anonomyous57 Nov 01, 2011

    You guys gotta relax...what shows do you let kids watch? This show is totally age apprpriate for kids bc the scenes arent even serious yeah so people get puncched id rather let my kid watch this then wrestling tv dramas... and my children watch and love this show don't mean they imitate the actions pay close to alot of underlying jokes in all these shows...this is y kids are soft now a days shows is the last thing someone should point a finger at

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  • Qu
    QueenLadyJane Oct 29, 2011

    After reading some of these, I can see why some parents would get upset. But isn't it up to the parents to control what their children watch and not the network? Sure Disney is supposed to be geared toward the G-rated crowd but many parents do allow their children to watch shows like this... I'm one of them, I watch with my kids and when something inappropriate appears in the scene I discuss this with them and teach them that these things are not appropriate in the real world. That movies and TV shows are made up stories and not what is always appropriate. This is the same approach my mom used with me and today, I still refuse to watch Jaws all the way through. I was 5 when it first came out and saw it, after that, I had no desire for it... Then when I was much older, I watched it again and it was totally, in the words of current teenagers... "Lame".
    Children in any age group will always find a way to watch shows their parents don't want them to see. Watching these shows with their parents and then discussing it afterwards has a better effect. Kids will always want to disobey a parent in some form or another...

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  • Da
    DavidEatsPrada Sep 04, 2011

    Disney channel is teen disney. Disney XD and playhouse disney is for kids, its not disneys ###ing fault that your afraid of your kids and wont make them turn it off, its a show, and its pretty awesome, look at other shows before your nagg or judge, this show doesn't have kids telling adults to shut up or disrespecting their parents like some other kids shows, this one only has violence, it keeps teens who watch teen disney interested. And just because they don't call it teen disney doesn't mean a thing because its been teen disney, ever since that's so raven

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  • Az
    Azusa St. Aug 28, 2011

    Since when did watching a movie containing people getting stabbed with forks, darts shot in the eye and people getting killed become ok to watch just because you turn 13? But people are shocked when so many of our young people can commit violent crimes and murders and have absolutely no remorse about it. Yet they see this played out on TV every day. How can we change the channel when its on almost every channel. The scariest part is how many people get upset and leave ugly comments when a parent speaks out about it, are you serious? I guess I'll be labeled a dangerous fanatic too.

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  • Jb
    jbfirebird Aug 21, 2011

    Damned mothers of america

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  • Gs
    G. Shaffer Aug 21, 2011

    The comments on this board supporting Disney in the creation of this obscene, and macabre series, which should be rated PG 13 or possibly even rzted R, and should not be aired on a family network, but a movie chnnel like HBO or Showtime, only proves to me that society has been caught up in the fascination with supernatural themed movies like Twilight and Harry Potter for so long that anything goes. The push to remove God from public life has left an unavoidable hole in the middle of our society, in the middle of our souls, that people are trying to fill it with "alternative " spiritually. I just caugt a 30 second snippet of the show (08/21/11) which contained cheerleaders standing around a glowing pentagram and a witch -cheerleader with an obviously demon-possessed soul and glowing red eyes floating above the floor seeking to take the souls of all the kids in the school. Wicca is a religion. Tell me the out-cry against Disney if they made an obvious reference to Christian symbols in a series and showed kids in church gathered around praying for someone to be healed, or set free from demonic opression. The aclu and all the other anti-God organizations would be outraged. Well, I am outraged. But for that I will be labeled a dangerous fantic. Wake up America!

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  • Rj
    rj83 Aug 01, 2011

    My kids are ages 6 and 8 and love this show, I have watched it with them several times so I know what it is about. I havent seen anything that is so disturbing..My kids arent afraid of anything that has been shown, they actually laugh at it. Honestly, you compare it to something that should be played on HBO, like True Blood for example LOL=)??? I highly doubt that watching this is going to make kids go crazy and worship satan! Everyone has a right to their own opinion about what is appropriate for their kids, just dont try to get tv shows cancelled because you dont agree with it... Simply turn it off or block it with parental controls, and then there is no problem...

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  • Ki
    Kim1101 Jul 30, 2011

    If you do not like the evening programming on Disney, or, any other channel, simply turn it off...As a parent, I am just glad there is still something out there to keep my almost 13 year old child..still interested in watching The Disney Channel..

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  • An
    anus Jul 14, 2011


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  • Ta
    Tammy R.S. Jul 13, 2011

    I refused to let my children watch that movie. then last night I found out they actually have a "My babysitter is a vampire" series and it has been on at 7:00. i refuse to let my children watch that too. I watched a little of it when it was on last night at 11 just to really see what it was about. I could not believe it. The boys were all about wathching the girls and the one girl spent the whole first half that I saw chasing the head cheerleader because she wanted to suck her blood. I've been trying to find e-mails all day to complain to Disney but not having much luck. And to brenda who sayd that disney is not for the ages of 6-10 in the evening that is completely wrong. the morning shows are not for 6-10 those are for the younger ages. Tht'as why it used to be called playhouse disney, It's more for the pre-schooo age. The evening shows are more for the kids that start at age 6. If didney wants to put shows like this on then they need a teen disney of course I would not even allow them to watch it then.

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  • Jo
    Josie518 Jul 09, 2011

    I agree it is to bad to much witch craft and satin stuff at least twilight saga didn't show pentgrams and divil signs I watched some shows of it to see if it was ok to much satin and evil and witchcraft if you guys want your kids to grow with God and not wroship satin don't let them watch it Disney should take it off the air its not right

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  • Gh
    Ghhggfhuy Jul 07, 2011

    Alright seriously people get over it. The show/movie isnt even bad . All of you parents that dont allow your kids to watch it are crazy. Theres nothing bad about it. Get the hell over it. If you dont want your kids watching it then maybe they shouldnt be watching tv at 9!!

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  • Bi
    Big mac zac Jul 02, 2011

    If you are going to complian about this movie then tell Disney but they won't do anything because the show and movie is awsome

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  • Ha
    harmonica68 Jun 24, 2011

    I agree with the post - I am also upset about how many commercials are on the Disney Channel for the My Babysitter is a Vampire Series. It IS inappropriate and I hope Disney takes it off the air or only Airs it after 10:00 pm and does not have commecials for it during the day. Kids killing other kids or other people or Vampires is not something any good parent would want their kids to see. I know many parents who are not allowing their kids to watch disney anymore because of this. I dont want to make my kids stop watching but if the this continues I will join in with those parents ans Switch to Nickelodeon or Nick Jr. Or Cartoon Network, anything but Disney -- I hope that Disney removes this show so that it wont have to come to that for many families.

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  • Ag
    A Good Mom Jun 20, 2011
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    Its really the difference between normal decent people who care that their kids turn into normal decent adults, and people who don't care what kind of trash goes into their kids heads, and even celebrate turning kids into freaks as early as possible. Decent content is not for "babies", its for people who want to live in a decent world. And freak content is not mature or adult, its just freak for people who want to live in a nightmarish freaked out world full of perverts, child predators and sickos. Monitor what your kids watch, parents. It will determine what kind of world we live in soon.

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  • An
    annonymous1225 Jun 13, 2011

    I completely agree the movie was inappropriate for Disney. It's not just a matter of "changing the channel", folks. Whatever happened to quality family programming that you were not afraid to leave the room to start supper or a load of laundry while your child watched TV? The trust factor has been broken. Walt would be rolling over in his grave. Disney, shame on you. True, we can change the channel. But should we have to? This is supposed to be Disney, folks. For shame.

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  • Va
    VampireLover Jun 12, 2011

    you know instead of changing your dating status on you should block channels. because when i was little once my mom leaves the room TEEN NICK HERE I COME... do you even know what your children are watching... So thanks to you and all the other idiot parents out there Disney is either not going to show the movie again or take all the good parts out. I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO SEE THE WHOLE ###ING MOVIE. and once they didn't show it again the next day i was like NOOOOOO!

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  • Da
    dave321 Jun 12, 2011

    i think if you were sitting there with them watching it YOU should have done what a good parent should do and change the channel instead of dissing disney channel next time change the CHANNEL

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  • IrishChick Jun 11, 2011

    If you have comcast/on demand you can look for specific shows that are age appropriate and they have special channels just for children shows aired all the time.

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  • Ka
    Katherine Pierce Jun 11, 2011

    They also mentioned that pervert, drinking, drugs killing and sexual undertones were in the movie. When the girl drinks blood it's like shes having an orgasm. that was weird.

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