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I see Discovery channel is now running "Crikey! It's the Irwins" on Discovery channel. Did It fail badly on Animal Planet, I hope? These people are making money off of a dead man. Terri is not very well liked by the employees there at the zoo and yet you portray them as all rainbows and hugs. The son has a $30 thousand dollar camera which most of us cannot identify with and Terri fired Steve's sisters husband, who ran the zoo for a very long time. I read a few of the Australian newspapers about them and how the people there dislike her so much, so I fail to understand why you would make a show with them and disgrace the name and legacy of a dead man by showing a wife and kids who are benefiting from a horrific death. Can't they stand on their own without Discovery having to keep them afloat ? You disparage him with the "Crocodile Hunter" series also. Let the dead rest in peace. Take this program off the air and call it a loss. You made a lot of money with Steve, respect him for it.
Now for TLC. "I am Jazz" and "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" and "Sister Wives" and anything connected with it, are insults to our intelligence and contribute to the dumbing down of America. What has happened to "Discovery"? You used to offer such intelligent and innovative programs but not anymore. I could care less about these trashy people. Is this what you want to be known as: The Network who serves up trash on a nightly basis and offends our senses?
I do watch the ID Channel because these stories depict actual people in bad situations and offer some sort of Criminal Justice to bad people. Crime and punishment for the most part.
Thank you.

Jan 17, 2019
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  • Ch
      Apr 06, 2019

    I am appalled at the commercials for hiv prep medicine. The low moral of this network is amazing. Where has decency gone. My children see these images and get scared. They are too young to have to see this on TV. Please stop trying to make money off of garbage promotions.

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  • Da
      Jun 19, 2019

    @Chuck Thompson There are people with HIV and they need help! Jesus would help people with HIV! Did Jesus hide children from lepers? I am sorry the treatment of others’ illnesses and misfortune offends you and scares your children!

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  • Ch
      Apr 06, 2019

    Also, the shows like I am Jazz ??? Really ???? My family goes to church and we teach our family right from wrong. Please get some morals and decency in your programming. It's disgusting.

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