Disabled American Veterans (DAV)education

Attended UNC-FSU, at the main campus. Attended 3 classes durin the 2014 year, taught by Dr. Lheem. I arrived at all of the classes, on time. I passed all of the written test, in each of the three (3) classes. I was told by the instructor, Dr. lheem, collectively, He made an announcement in front of the entire class, that we all had passed the class(es). Dr. Lheem stated, in front of each of the classes that we all passed, but he asked for our forgiveness in posting of the grades, for each course, because of a time constraint, of conflicting Faculty Meetings, he beg our tolerance. I later went to final scores, and found, that I had received an "F" Grade, for each of 3 Classes, that I attended. Class I.D [protected].

Dec 05, 2018

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