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I purchased prescribed medication from Dischem Carslwald, Midrand on 21st Feb for Flu. Later that day i was rushed to hospital as i was dizzy, weak, nauseous and not in my senses.I later found out that Dischem had incorrectly supplied me with High Blood Pressure tables i.e Amloc 10mg which is meant for 'chronic patients'.I took 2.The doctor told me that if continued taking this tablet, it would of lead to death. I was put under drips, went for various blood tests and an Ultra sound scan as i had a very high inflamation rate as well as high white cell blood count. I still have more tests to follow. Discovery is not paying for my bills as it is not covered in my scheme. I have contacted Dischem and advised them on what happen.The staff that dispensed the tablet is a temp and I think she is not a qualified pharmacist.I have recieved no response from Dischem not even an apology or any sympathy to date.This service is pathetic.I could of lost my life and they cant be bothered. How many other patients do they do this to?At least i was lucky to find out in time.I want Dischem to compensate me for all my medical bills.I have reported them to the HSCPA and I will open up a case against them.

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      1st of Aug, 2017

    Following is my complaint to the Pharmacy manager of Dischem Olympus in Pretoria, "Good Day Julius / Parys

    With regards to Liza’s actions regarding this matter my concerns are as follows:

    1. Liza should not have being rude to my son who was asked to pick up the required medication. He is on psychiatric medication which Liza’s had picked up from the system. She should have known that stressing such a patient is very harmful. As I mentioned during our telephone conversation yesterday, he got back home in a bad state. This has now caused a regression in his mental well being and will need for him to revisit his Psychiatrist. With this comes extra consulting fees which I presently cannot afford.

    2. My son did not did not persist in Liza dispensing the Zopivane as Liza claims. If she was working according to the law as she claimed, and IF my son did persist that she dispense it, Why did she?. He is not aware of all my wife’s medication and strengths “Your son however persisted that I issue the Zopivane 7.5mg.”.

    3. Liza should have phoned me or my wife to confirm what medication was needed and why. Instead she traumatised my son. She claimed that she was worried about the welfare of the patient. We also need his Asthma pump which is very necessary for his condition, but Liza refused to dispense the pump. My son did not need Liza to throw prescriptions in his face when he requested his Asthavent asthma pump. Liza being a pharmacist, took a script from a psychiatrist telling him it is not prescribed. Firstly this is a pump that is available over the counter and secondly she looks for The in Dr Le Roux’s script. Being a Pharmacist she should have known that a Psychiatrist does not prescribe such as chronic but rather a Medical practitioner. Since she did not dispense the pump, thus putting him at risk to him not having the pump In case of an Asthma attack, this says a lot about her claim that “Patient health and wellbeing is very important to me”.

    4. It is true that there are scripts for both Zopivane 7.5mg and Adco-Zolpidem 10mg. As Liza stated that Doctor M. Guerra on the 14th June 2017 prescribed Adco-Zolpidem 10mg and Adco-Zolpidem 10mg by Doctor J.W van Tonder on the 23rd June 2017. This does not mean that she is taking both simultaneously, this is implicating that my wife is an addict, which is not and she takes serious offence to such (My wife being a an Oncology Disease Manager know’s the dangers of this very well). Since Adco-Zolpidem 10mg was prescribed by Doctor J.W van Tonder on the 23rd June 2017, Doctor Guerria could not have known that Dr van Tonder prescribed another sedative as it was 8 days after Dr Guerria’s prescription. Once again before phoning the doctor’s, she could have confirmed with us. This would now question our integrity and long standing trust of 17 years shared between myself, Doctor Guerria and Doctor Van Tonder.

    I await your response and thank you for the opportunity to put matters into perspective."

    To date i have not received a response from the pharmacy manager or the assistant store manager Parys who promised to resolve this matter. Instead i receive an email, from the pharmacist in question, which was intercepted whilst the pharmacy manager was not at work.?????

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