Direct TV and AT"T / bundled services not available after advertised

I was advised by your representative Bryan on 11/28 that I was to bundle home phone, Internet and Direct TV all at 109 monthly charge. In addition, these perks will apply; free activation/installation, unlimited free cellular data, Direct TV app. 200 giftcard and unlimited wireless data. All services would be added on 11/30 from 12-4. Direct TV came right away. Then I even upgraded to a wireless package for the cost of 186.71. When I called to ask what happened on the home phone and internet service, I was advised not available in my area. I took a day off work for all to be done and it wasn't. Then found out all was a lie. I was misguided by your representative. I went over all the perks and they're not available either. I thought about keeping the plan but due to all the services are not available and I've been lied too, I just want my money back to get out of this without any issues. I've been advised that I have a credit on the account. Please keep what credits that are there they're added due to trying to keep me as a customer. I'm not due back any money except what I spent on the wireless boxes. We wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for your representative lying to get a sale. Funny, I do Sales for a living and it's about integrity which I think your company has lost. I'm not asking for anything free or a scam, I'm asking to do the right thing. If I owe you for a weeks worth of TV please let me know and I'll pay the bill. For the other things I don't. This has upset me so bad that my immune system was down and I got the flu this time. I hope that you understand and will do the right thing. Penny

Dec 06, 2016

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