Direct Expressmoney keeps missing off my card

Money keeps coming up missing. Over looked it thinking my daughter was doing it some how. But the past few months I have gotten New card no one else has seen or use it nore have I and a lady called me and asked me if I just tried to use my card I said no. She frozen my card. I asked her if she could wait until I went to the ATM. She said when I get to a ATM to call.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Des Moines, IA So for three days I tried calling but nothing kept hanging up on me. Today I got through lady asked me if I was at a ATM I replied no. She said. That she could not help me if I wasn't at a ATM. I drive to a ATM call hung up on me many times. I did get through lady took my info and transfer me to same one, the man takes my information and then tells me he doesn't know why she sent me to him so he transfer me to another line witch hang up on me again.

Dec 08, 2018

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