Direct Energy / terrible customer service and service

Houston, AK, United States

I called Direct Energy to find out why my bill was suddenly very high. They outsource their customer service to India. I got this Indian woman who declared she had to have my husbands social security number to look at my account. I told her, you have my address, phone, email, account number and password to my account number (not sure why she needed that), and I would not give her my husbands social. She insisted she needed it. I asked to speak to her manager and she told me as soon as I gave up the social I could????!!! Their website never displays the correct bill so there was no way at this point to find out how much my bill really was. I did not give up the social and I ended up paying my bill the same as the month before. Now I have switched providers and Direct Energy will not give me an itemized statement from the last bill. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They have very shady practices and overcharge every chance they get. I know, I will never find out about that bill. But I also know the customer service people in INDIA do not need my husbands social to hack his id. USE ANY COMPANY BUT THIS ONE!!

Apr 30, 2014

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